A Cloud OS Thought Experiment


Companies like Microsoft and Apple have followed the model that you need to sell software/hardware to make money, but that’s not the only way: you don’t need to actually sell software to make tons of money. An alternative model exists. The model is simple: provide a quality service for free and sell targeted, but unobtrusive ads, and you are in business.

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5 Google Services That Would Instantly Benefit From Chrome OS

Google hasn’t been working on Chrome OS blindly. They know that with their own PC operating system, their own products and services would get a big boost. In fact, it’s entirely possible that the company could optimize select services just for Chrome OS. While we don’t know everything that Google has planned for Chrome OS just yet, lets take a look at the offerings that could be really be useful on Chrome hardware.

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File Browser – Image Previews and Thumbnail Views

google chrome os  Chrome OS UI Gets More Polished   Again, Time For launch ?   Updated With Screenshots

The file browser ( the normal windows to move around and access your locally saved files and folder ) was something that really needed some work on Chrome OS. This has started behaving more like a normal life file browser now ! You have previews of files when you select them, on the right hand side, and you have an option to change to thumbnail view.

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Chrome OS UI Gets More Polished – Again, Time For launch ?


google chrome os  Chrome OS UI Gets More Polished   Again, Time For launch ?   Updated With Screenshots


You can go to settings page and change the profile picture to one of the available pictures like any other OS ( there are dummy pics as of now though, but replacing them with some pictures is not a big deal right ? ). Then you have two icons, one of a camera and one of a folder. Click on the camera icon, you get to take a picture with your web cam. The folder icon lets you navigate to files saved on your computer and pick one as profile image.

Google Chrome To Include Profile Switcher For Multiple Profiles


 is one of the best browsers available today and with the Chrome Sync feature, it allows you to easily sync all your bookmarks, passwords, extensions, themes and auto-fill across multiple browsers. Chrome Sync is definitely a good option, however, users still face a problem if they want to have separate profiles for work and home.

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Chromium Gets Advanced Multi Profiles and Profile Switcher

chrome news  Chromium Gets Advanced Multi Profiles and Profile Switcher

Multiple Profiles

Associates every browser window with a profile, and adds a profile switcher in the upper right corner. Every profile has its own bookmarks, extensions, apps, etc.

So this is supposed to add the email address of the profile to the right – top corner of Chrome window like we saw in a screenshot last week.

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Chrome OS Release Coming Soon? Stable Channel Now Available


Just like the Chrome browser, it has long been Google’s goal for Chrome OS to have a Stable, Beta and Dev channel for feature iteration. In a move that signifies a closer move to a Chrome OS release, there now is a Stable Channel. You can find this on the latest builds of Chromium OS by going to the about section under the wrench.

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Jailbreaking iPhones Made This Student $50,000

Can jailbreaking iOS devices become a real business with an actual annual profit? Apparently, yes. And even if we wouldn’t recommend basing your monthly income entirely on the process of hacking phones and installing apps Apple doesn’t approve, $50,000 a year doesn’t sound that bad.

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Want To Get a Job at the Apple Store? Here’s What the Interview Process Looks Like

Want To Get a Job at the Apple Store? Here’s What the Interview Process Looks Like

For some people, getting the chance to work for Apple seems like one of the coolest jobs on the planet. Being surrounded by everything Apple. Super discounts on iMacs. Talking to customers about how incredibly magical the products are. If that all sounds awesome to you then go ahead and disregard the fact that it’s easier to get into Harvard than to get hired by Apple. Here is Cult of Mac’s first-hand look at how the Apple hiring process plays out.
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Apple Orders 12 Petabytes (That’s 12 Million Gigabytes) For iTunes Store Video

After all the theories surrounding Apple’s new data center in North Carolina, and the rumors surfaced in the past months pinpointing a complete revamp of iOS and MobileMe with extensive cloud features, here comes an interesting tidbit suggesting that Apple is looking to improve capacity of the iTunes Store by ordering 12 petabytes of storage from Isilon Systems.

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