Report: Cr-48s Resume Shipping


Although the Cr-48 shipment tracker has likely seen its last days, people are reporting that they are getting gifted by Google with Chrome OS laptops. This comes contrary to what Chrome VP Sundar Pichai tweeted some time ago that the Cr-48s would cease shipping.

Perhaps an effort to send out what might have been a hidden cache of Chrome OS Pilot notebooks is why people are still getting them. It would be nice if some of our international readers would be the beneficiaries of these notebooks, but I’ve yet to find a substantial report that this is the case.   @tquintana


Ahead of Launch, New-Look Profile Avatars Hitting Chrome OS


Looking at the Chromium code reports, one can now see some new imagery that is going to be used for Chrome OS’s profile manager. This is likely a whole new set of graphics design that is being implemented for the impending launch where we’ll see some exciting new developments. Because not everyone wants to have their photo as their profile, there are going to be some colorful options available otherwise, a stark change from Google’s minimal aesthetics.   @tquintana

Chrome OS For Enterprise – Features,Control Panel and More

google chrome os  Chrome OS For Enterprise   Features,Control Panel and More

While I was hunting for Chrome OS notebooks and tablets in the Chromium Code base, something interesting and fairly new caught my attention. There is a new label called “Enterprise” and fresh bug reports and feature requests.

It’s no secret that Google has strong enterprise plans for Chrome OS. But, here we will look at what is in the making for enterprise admins to deploy and manage Chrome OS devices on their network.   @tquintana

Google Leaks +1 Google Chrome Extension In Their TV Ad !

chrome news  Google Leaks +1 Google Chrome Extension In Their TV Ad !

Did you watch the “Dear Sophie” ad from Google promoting Google Chrome ? I did too, but looks some folks have watched close enough to find the Google +1 Extension for Chrome in action. One screenshot is worth 1000 words right chrome news  Google Leaks +1 Google Chrome Extension In Their TV Ad ! .. so here you go ..   @tquintana

Chrome OS Gets an Improved File Manager



 Some recent updates within Chrome/Chromium OS have made improvements to the system’s file manager. Specifically, it’s starting to look much more like a file manager than before, which graphical icons and much more granular detail. And while Chrome VP Sundar Pichai doesn’t have a lot of faith in the idea of a file system while we begin to move our PC environment to the cloud, it’s clear that there are some things we’ll be able to do with files in a commercial release of Chrome OS.   @tquintana

Chrome Canary is Coming to a Mac Near You


As I have recently mentioned in a previous post, you can get a near-Chromium build of Google’s browser on Windows with Google Chrome Canary. In addition to having a Stable, Beta and Dev Channel, Microsoft lovers have been able to get almost-daily builds of Chrome automatically with Chrome’s auto-update. It’s not always pretty (expect some funkiness) but it’s been very much bleeding-edge.

Now, several outlets are reporting that Canary is on its way to the Mac platform. In fact, if you review this Google App Engine utility that reports the version of every Channel of Chrome on the planet you can now see that there’s aChrome Canary available for Mac. You can also see picture evidence at the Chromium projects site (image down below).   @tquintana