Your Own Google Chrome, With An Avatar To Add Color

chrome news  Your Own Google Chrome, With An Avatar To Add Color #multiprofiles

Google Chrome’s new multi profile set up got a touch of avatar love today ( avatar as in profile picture btw ). It will now show your profile picture on the top left corner ( not sure if it is final ) instead of showing the email address of your profile.

It’s a small change but makes a lot of difference when it comes to the visual appeal of Chrome. It looks way better than my email address showing up there !   @tquintana


Google Music Beta: Your Tunes in the Cloud

Ah, music. The wine of life. Yet managing music libraries can be a pain. The way it worked out for me was I had the bulk of it on my computer, and put the rest of it on my smart-phone, due to limited space, of course. Syncing music between devices can be, well, cumbersome. There are the wires and there is the deciding of what music to sync on which device. Music is ephemeral too: what you loaded in your device may not be now may not be what you’ll want to listen to in an hour or two.

Those inconveniences prevented me from really enjoying the music I had.

I got my Google Music Beta invite and was excited to give it a try, and all of the above mentioned problems were solved.

I uploaded my library which over the years has amounted to over 30 GBs, which had gone untouched for the most part for several months. I know there have been complaints about how arduous the process of uploading your music is, but come on people; it isn’t like you have to stand over your computer during the whole upload.

The only music I wasn’t able to upload was the CDs in my collection which I burned to Apple Lossless format, so I converted them to AAC and they uploaded fine.

Previous to this welcomed Google Music invite, I’ve been using MOG, which is a great service. The one thing I didn’t know I missed when I was listening to MOG was access to MY library with all those songs, audio books, etc. which I forgot I had. With MOG, there is the sense of being thrown in to an ocean of listening possibilities. All I had for guidance was a vague memory of the music I liked. I don’t know about you, but my memory is isn’t good enough to hold a database of 30 gigs of music. With Google Music, I saw my music library, with all the familiar album covers, slowly but surely being uploaded and appearing in my cloud-based library, and felt I was being reacquainted with an old friend.   @tquintana

The Cr-48 Easter Egg Has Been Cracked


A few days ago I wrote that someone from the Chrome Team posted a message at the official Cr-48 users forum that there was an Easter Egg hidden inside of the Cr-48 and after six months it had yet to be cracked. It didn’t take too long before it was discovered, as Brad Wells has found that the BIOS has a hidden blue screen of death.

So how did he find it? As outlined in his own blog, checked out the LinkedIn profile of the Googler, Bill Richardson, and found that he was a former Sun Microsystems employee, and that he worked on something called Integrated Lights Out Management (ILOM) while there. Wells did a search for “ILOM easter eggs” and found a command “xxzzy” that caught his attention.

Switching the Cr-48 into developer mode, Wells used the command at the terminal and got a BSOD along with hexidecimal numbers. Converting those numbers into ASCII form resulted in this message.

Greetings from the Chrome OS x86 firmware team. This message is brought to you by Randall, Bill, Vadim, Gaurav, and Kelly. Also by the letter G and the number 42. If you’ve enjoyed this gadget, please join us at to help make it even better. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress. No animals were harmed in the production of this message. Apply only to affected area. Cape does not enable wearer to fly. Contents may have settled during shipment. Use no hooks.   @tquintana