Ah, so that’s Twitter’s strategy: A “clickable” world


So now that we’ve seen “Cashtags”, which are clickable stock symbols, one might wonder if this is part of Twitter’s long-term strategy.

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Multiple user accounts coming soon to Android?

Our friends over at AndroidPolice made quite the discovery recently, and it has to do with multiple user accounts within Android. Not only would it be a great feature to have, it appears that Google might be preparing for it, as AP has found several instances within AOSP that could lead to multiple user accounts.

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You can now hack your Galaxy S III to run Google Wallet


Google Wallet is one of the services Google is offering to people with Android phones, but if you are on Verizon, then you are probably not lucky enough, even if you are using the Galaxy Nexus.

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Apple rolls out updated iWork with iCloud document sync, Retina display support

Alongside OS X Mountain Lion release, Apple has unleashed an updated version of iWork (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote) that takes advantage of the company’s latest hardware and software technologies. The new version of iWork – which includes Pages, Numbers, and Keynote – has been completely enhanced to work perfectly with the new 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display.

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Instapaper for Android sees a 600% jump in downloads on release of Nexus 7


The Nexus 7 is being talked about, that’s one thing we know for sure. It’s gotten a ton of press as a device that is so good it makes the case for small tablets in general. It’s certainly one of the most well received non-iPad tablets ever.

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AT&T drops the price of the HTC One X to $99.99 on contract

Android Central

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New Google Earth 3D cities not as detailed as Apple iOS 6 Maps

Moscone Center

City View

A side-by-side comparison of Google’s newly-refreshed Google Earth for iOS appears to yield inferior results when compared to the beta version of Apple’s upcoming iOS 6 Maps app.

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Apple wants to create iPhone-based automated homes

Patent 1

A new, extensive patent application details how a new iPhone model with a near-field communications chip could serve as the connected centerpiece of an automated digitally connected home.

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Apple patent filing points to Google Glass-like heads-up display tech

Patent Filing

A patent application Apple filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday points to the company’s continued interest in creating high-resolution display technology suitable for near-eye applications like those seen in Google’s Project Glass.

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Court Rules Against Apple’s Bid To Transfer Kodak Patent Case Out Of Bankruptcy Court

Court Rules Against Apple’s Bid To Transfer Kodak Patent Case Out Of Bankruptcy Court

US District Judge George Daniels denied Apple’s proposal to move the patent dispute with Eastman Kodak Company out of bankruptcy court and into his own District Court today. If Apple had been granted the proposal, it could have been tough going for Kodak’s plans to actually sell the technology.

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Google Earth 7 for iOS Brings 3D Imagery to iPhone 4S, 2nd and 3rd Generation iPads

Ahead of iOS 6′s release and Apple’s new Maps application, which includes photo-realistic interactive 3D views with Flyover, Google has updated their Google Earth application for iOS, bringing 3D views to Apple’s most recent iPhones and iPads.

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Yelp 6.0 Update ‘Literally Filled To The Brim With Awesomeness’

Yelp 6.0 Update ‘Literally Filled To The Brim With Awesomeness’

Yelp just delivered the latest version of its iOS app to the App Store, and the company promises it’s “literally filled to the brim with awesomeness.”

“We’re not joking — we had to get an intern to stand on the top of it just to get it zipped up and shipped to the App Store.”

In addition to brand new business pages, Yelp 6.0 delivers support for Yelpy Insights, the ability to like and compliment tips, and lots more.

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Apple’s London Stores to Distribute iPhone and iPad Olympic Pins

With the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympics set for tomorrow in London, Apple is preparing to offer an extra bonus to some customers visiting its stores in the area during the roughly two-week event. The company has produced a series of four lapel pins commemorating the London Olympics, displaying the flag of the United Kingdom in place of the screen of both black and white iPhones and iPads.

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Apple to acquire fingerprint sensor maker AuthenTec for $356M


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Google beats Apple to the 3D punch with update to iOS Google Earth app today

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Google adds 34-button scientific calculator to search results

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History of Google Chrome – Infographic

chrome news  History of Google Chrome   Infographic


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Chromebook and Google Chrome display at Best Buy

” Ok I’m obviously a huge Google Chrome user and endorser but I couldn’t resist picking up a CD and playing with the Chromebook. Man it’s fast !!! Might need to pass the Cr-48 along and pick-up a Chromebook !! “


Samsung will in fact offer 64GB Galaxy S III before year’s end

Nexus S may be getting Jelly Bean update rollout in the next few days

Inside Steve Wozniak’s Amazing $25,000 Gadget Bag

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Sparrow for Mac Gets Retina Support and Mountain Lion Ready

Sparrow for Mac Gets Retina Support and Mountain Lion Ready

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Jelly Bean feature: A more functional notification drop-down

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The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III Is Finally Here

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