That was quick: Grooveshark disappears from the Google Play Store (again)


It appeared that controversial streaming music app Grooveshark was back for good when the Android title returned to Google’s Play Store earlier this week, but already it has mysteriously been pulled from the marketplace, suggesting music labels have pressured the search giant into removing it (again).   @tquintana

Evernote Update Adds Expanded Notifications For Jelly Bean Users, Improved Performance for Everyone Else

You gotta give it to the Evernote development team, they’re constantly refining their Android application, providing consistent updates every few weeks or so in the Play Store. Well, they’re at it once again, this time around adding new enhancements for the few us running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with all new expanded notifications.   @tquintana

Google Search update brings movie listings, public alerts and more to Google Now

In an update this evening for the Google Search for Android app, the folks in Mountain View included some goodies for the Jelly Bean-exclusive Google Now.   @tquintana

Google Play Now Features A “Recommended For You”

Google Play Now Features A “Recommended For You”

If you head into Google Play you’ll notice a newly introduced “Recommended For You” section. Within this section you’ll find apps Google recommends based on various metrics. Under each app you’ll see things such as “+1’d by your friends,” “popular with similar users,” and “popular in your area.”   @tquintana

Samsung’s Galaxy Camera unveiled: Everything you love about Android in a point-and-shoot camera

With Nikon and Polaroid getting ready to launch their Android-powered cameras as early as September, Samsung officially unveiled its entrance into the market today in Berlin with its first dedicated point-and-shoot running Android. While recent rumors pointed to the possibility of a device with specs close to those announced for Nikon’s Coolpix S800c, Samsung unveiled a 4.8-inch device with specs closer to its own Galaxy S III.   @tquintana

Samsung unveils bigger and better 5.5.-inch Galaxy Note 2 with Jelly Bean and redesigned S Pen

Samsung officially took the wraps off its next-generation Galaxy Note today with the introduction of a bigger-and-faster Galaxy Note 2. While it is not a huge departure from the previous generation, the new device packs a larger 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display while introducing an even slimmer frame at just 9.4mm.

Nielsen: Google dominates Mobile Maps…for now

According to the latest Nielsen survey, Google is dominating the Travel Mobile Apps usage space, which in turn represents 95% of Travel smartphone usage (the other 5% being mobile web usage which Google also dominates).   @tquintana

Official Grooveshark App Makes Its Way Back Into The Play Store

Over a year ago, Google removed the Grooveshark app from what was then the Android Market due to a violation of the terms of service. Of course, with a service like Grooveshark, being removed from the Play Store was just the first of its worries – the company has definitely seen its fair share of legal issues over the last several months. Still, after its departure from the Store, Grooveshark continued to offer the app free of charge through its website.   @tquintana

TomTom coming to Android – possibly as soon as October

Android Central

When it comes to voice guided satellite navigation the one company that springs to mind for most people is TomTom, but sadly we haven’t had any Android love – until now.   @tquintana

A more dynamic mobile reading experience

Last year Google introduced mobile templates on Blogger, and Dynamic Views for the desktop. Since then, over 2 million blogs have started using Dynamic Views on desktop, and users have asked them for more mobile features. So today, they are bringing the speed and advanced reading experience of Dynamic Views to mobile.  Configuring your blog to use a Dynamic View on mobile will result in a reading experience that mirrors the desktop, but is optimized for mobile.   @tquintana

Samsung announces high-speed SD and microSD memory cards with up-to 64GB of storage at IFA 2012

Getting the show started at IFA 2012, Samsung has announced before its event later this evening new SD and microSD cards, complete with some serious speeds.   @tquintana

10 New Apps Heading to ChromeOS

10 new applications are to ship in future versions of Chrome OS by default.

Google hope that adding the apps will make Chrome OS easier to use ‘out of the box’.   @tquintana

Fun fact: One Google search uses the computing power of the entire Apollo space mission


We know that technology has come a far way over the years, but it’s easy to forget just how far. According to Google, just one action taken on its search engine by a single user uses the computing power of the entire Apollo space missions.   @tquintana

Search Engine usage: Despite Bing’s home-court advantage on IE, Google still dominant overall at 74%

Screen Shot 2012-08-28 at 12.14.17 PM

Despite being the default search engine choice on Internet Explorer, Bing still holds far less share than Google. Google Search is also still the overall winner, holding a 74% share of searching across Safari, Opera, IE, Firefox and Chrome.   @tquintana

Could broadcast journalism see a revival in online media?


On launch, Google Hangouts represented an evolutionary advancement in the way we do video chat. We’ve long been able to chat with a few friends at once using apps like Skype, but Hangouts brought along features that made the process of starting an informal discussion open to a group of friends so much easier, and included a variety of useful features that facilitated the discussion itself – something that can get messy quickly using Skype video conferencing and other alternatives.   @tquintana

Google Goggles gains support for phones lacking auto-focus in latest update

Google Goggles has been updated today with a selection of improvements, including one that should make owners of lower-tier smartphones quite happy. The app, which was once relegated to devices with auto-focus cameras, now supports phones with fixed focus image snappers.   @tquintana

First Update to Chrome for iPhone and iPad Brings G+, FB and Twitter Sharing Support

ios  First Update to Chrome for iPhone and iPad Brings G+, FB and Twitter Sharing Support

Google Chrome team has started pushing updates to Chrome for iOS. The first update for Chrome for iPhone and iPad has the following changes.   @tquintana

Search Your Google Drive From Chrome’s Addressbar

chrome extensions  Search Your Google Drive From Chromes Addressbar

Awesome news for Google Drive fans. Here is an extension that gives you a cool functionality.

Search your Google Drive from your Omnibar.   @tquintana

Working With Chrome on the Nexus 7

Chrome is pre-installed on Google’s impressive new 7″ Jelly Bean tablet and it does not disappoint.   @tquintana

Google Roll Out a New, Blue, Favicon

Google have updated the favicon for their homepage.   @tquintana

Google mobile search gets a Google Now-style makeover

Android Central

Google’s continuing to transform its search product into a knowledge engine, as evidenced by the new Google Search app on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and its Google Now features. Today some of that functionality is starting to bleed over into the company’s mobile search offering, with the launch of rich “interactive answers” to mobile search queries.   @tquintana

Google, U.S. carriers and PayPal join mobile payments standards comittee

Google Wallet

The Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) announced that it has formed what they are calling the Mobile Payments Committee — a group of companies working together to create common standards and advance the current mobile payment situation in the U.S. Notable partners include AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon, as well as other industry partners like Google and ISIS.   @tquintana

This Android Lego project needs your support

Marc Young created a mockup Android/Bugdroid character using Lego’s Digital Designer and then later turned it into a kit (200+ pieces) for himself.  Now he wants to turn this into an officially supported Lego project.  But he needs your help.   @tquintana

Nikon launching Android 2.3-powered Coolpix S800 with Google Play apps on August 22?

Indonesian Communication Agency, the report lists the following specs for unannounced Android-powered Nikon camera likely named the “Coolpix S800″ (or S800c) with a possible August 22 announcement.   @tquintana

New Default Font and Wallpaper for Chrome OS (Download Them!)

Chrome OS is getting another make over. Looks like the team is busy making UI changes to give a better look and feel for the OS. It is not just  a browser that locks you in anymore.

News today? a new default font and new default wallpaper!   @tquintana

No More Mobile iGoogle

Last month, Google announced that iGoogle will be discontinued next year. Few people noticed a help center article which informed users that “the mobile version will be retired on July 31, 2012”.   @tquintana

Download and Install Chrome for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

android  Download and Install Chrome for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Installing Chrome on Jelly Bean was super easy.   @tquintana

Celebrate the Kennedy Space Center’s 50th birthday with Street View

For fifty years, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida has been the launch point for a generation of space technology and exploration. Countless enthusiasts (including this one) grew up longing to see a space shuttle up close and walk in the paths of astronauts. Today, a collaboration between NASA and Street View is enabling people around the world to take a trip to the doorway to outer space, and see Kennedy as it transitions into a multipurpose launch complex for the next 50 years of space innovation.   @tquintana

Google adds 450 fonts to Google Docs

…And, more importantly, a pretty intuitive way to manage them. They are already there—so no need to download anything.   @tquintana

Gmail updated with improved 7-inch tablet support, new labels API

Android Central

For the first time since the launch of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the official Gmail app for Android has been updated. The new version is available right now through the Google Play Store, so head to the “My Apps” tab to get yourself up-to-date.   @tquintana

Ice Cream Sandwich Finally Works Its Way To Number 2 On The Distribution Chart

Ice Cream Sandwich Finally Works Its Way To Number 2 On The Distribution Chart

Boy has it been a slow road for Android 4.0, and while the numbers are still dismal, Ice Cream Sandwich is now populating the second highest number of devices accessing the Google Play Store. Gingerbread remains the majority leader with 60.6% of Android devices running it — quite sad considering it’s almost two years old.   @tquintana

3-week old Jelly Bean hits 0.8% Android device adoption, as Ice Cream Sandwich reaches 15.9%

jelly beam

It’s been just over a month since Google officially announced Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) and barely three weeks since the first rollout, but already the latest flavor of Android is installed on 0.8 percent of Android devices in the market, according to the search giant’s stats.   @tquintana