“Do Not Track” Will Be A Built In Feature of Chrome

chrome news  Do Not Track Will Be A Built In Feature of Chrome

“Do Not Track”  – What is it? Let me answer that question for you before we start. Want a simple answer?

It is the Do Not Call registry of the web.

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Samsung “Chromebox” Mouse Now Available

Samsung Chrome Mouse

The custom Chrome keyboard took a while to materialise, but the mouse has taken even longer to wriggle out of its hiding place…

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How to Diagnose Wifi and 3G Connection Issues on Your Chromebook

chromebook  How to Diagnose Wifi and 3G Connection Issues on Your Chromebook

Here is a quick tip to find out the cause of Wifi or 3G connectivity issue on your Chromebook – testing internet connection on your Chromebook.

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Jelly Bean’s Exclusive Emoji Support Now Available For Ice Cream Sandwich Via Software Mod

Good news for those running a rooted Ice Cream Sandwich device, a moderator over on XDA has put together a handy zip file that, once flashed, will finally bring support for all those cute little Android emoji’s once reserved soley for Jelly Bean (and iOS). Now you can finally see what you’ve been missing and proves once again — where there’s root, there’s a way. Hit up the source link for full instructions.

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Zuckerberg promises native Android app as company moves away from HTML5

In recent months Mark Zuckerberg’s disappointment in Facebook’s Android app has been no secret. In fact, to drive the point home to his team of developers, he forced them to switch from iOS to Androidjust to see how poorly the app performs.

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Andy Rubin announces 500 million Android activations to date ahead of tomorrow’s iPhone 5 event

Ready for the latest breakdown of Android’s performance ahead of Apple’s iPhone 5 event tomorrow afternoon? Android boss Andy Rubin has just announced this evening that 500 million Android devices have been activated to date, following Eric Schmidt’s announcement of 480,000 devices last week.

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Zuckerberg admits fault in Facebook’s HTML5 focus, pledges native Android app

Android Central

Over the summer, Facebook had a rocky update to its iOS app when they tried to shift everything away from HTML5. Ultimately focusing on HTML5 was a mistake, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a recent interview.

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Google VP Says Apple Winning Against Samsung Was A Wakeup Call

Google VP Says Apple Winning Against Samsung Was A Wakeup Call

Google was blindsided when Apple won its lawsuit against Samsung, which was really a proxy war between Apple and Google, because if Apple can defeat Google’s Android OEMs, they’ll win the battle against Google.

Bloomberg website

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Extensions Update Notifier Will Tell You When Your Chrome Extensions Are Updated

chrome extensions  Extensions Update Notifier Will Tell You When Your Chrome Extensions Are Updated

Ever wondered how you can keep track of these auto updating Chrome Extensions you have installed?  A tiny little post to introduce a little but useful extension.

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Google Drive gets significant upgrade in the Google Play Store and Apple Store

Google Drive debuted in the Google Play Store with an impressive set of features, but if you thought Google would stagnate on its progress then you simply don’t know Google. A new upgrade for the application has hit the Google Play Store, and it’s added a lot of desirable features.

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Android’s Next Iteration To Include Face Unlock For Multiple User Accounts?

Android’s Next Iteration To Include Face Unlock For Multiple User Accounts?

Google has just been awarded a patent on what I can only assume will be a future feature of Android. The new patent expands on Face Unlock, allowing users to set up separate user accounts and access them via Face Unlock. It’s quite brilliant and would allow multiple users to share a single device without their account or preferences being compromised.

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Notification in iOS 6 beta hints at iBooks for Apple TV

Apple TV

An error message displayed in the latest beta of iOS 6 for Apple TV suggests that support for iBooks may be coming to Apple’s set-top box.

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Apple iOS 6 Maps cuts Google’s exclusive lock on directions, opens door to third party apps

The new Maps in iOS 6 introduces new turn by turn navigation for drivers and walkers, but opens up transit and other specialized directions to third parties, cutting Apple’s exclusive partnership with Google for all other types of directions for the first time.

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Apple’s Passbook strategy ignores NFC technology to power iOS 6 retail apps

Apple’s new Passbook feature in iOS 6 isn’t just a coupon app; it’s a framework that enables retailers to develop smart apps for transactions, without relying on new Near Field Communications (NFC) hardware to do so.

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Images of Firefox OS Marketplace Leaked

Firefox OS is intended to be loaded on low end smartphones; however it has support for many smartphone features such as including calls, texts, web browsing, calendar, and contacts.

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