How to Open Any Mail in Gmail’s New Panels

If you’ve enabled Gmail’s new interface for composing messages, there’s a simple way to open any Gmail message in the chat-like panels:

1. open the message

2. edit the URL from your browser’s address bar. Replace the last slash (/) from the URL with ?compose=

For example, replace:


Post via Alex Chitu @   @tquintana


Google confirms 32GB Nexus 7 and adds HSPA+ compatibility

Google just killed the 8GB Nexus 7 and added a 32GB and 32GB with HSPA+. Prices are above and reflect well against the Amazon Kindle prices and even the slightly larger but lower-resolution iPad mini.   @tquintana

Google: 700,000 applications now available on Google Play

First noted by Bloomberg, Google says there are now 700,000 applications available for users to download from the Google Play store. That means Google and Apple are neck-and-neck for how many applications are available on each store. Apple announced at its press event last week that it has “more than 700,000″ — nonetheless the race is still pretty close.   @tquintana

Google Play Music scan and match coming as soon as this week

Google just unveiled three new additions to its Nexus lineup in a blog post on the official Google blog, where it further unveiled new Google Play content. Twentieth Century Fox movies—with new purchasing ability introduced for Canada, U.K., France, Spain, and Australia—are officially coming to the Google Play library. Google is also working with Time, Inc., to bring People, Time, and more popular publications to its marketplace.

As for music, the search giant partnered with Warner Music Group to include the label’s full catalog of songs and artists.   @tquintana

Google shows off Photo Sphere, the new camera experience coming to Android 4.2


Some people were expecting that the Google might disappoint with the camera experience on the Nexus 4, but it looks like Google paid extra attention to adding new camera features. One cool new camera feature coming to Android 4.2 is Photo Sphere, which Google says, “lets you capture images that are literally larger than life.   @tquintana

Google Chrome OS Team tries to teach people to always click on the “Eject” button

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Google Chrome OS Team tries really nicely to teach people to always click on the “Eject” button before unplugging a USB Drive as you can see in the screenshot below.

Spoken feedback is now fully enabled in File Manager for ChromeOS

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Spoken feedback is now fully enabled in File Manager. It means that it’ll will speak the name of the file you select in Google Chrome OS Dev.
It’s just so much practical now!

To activate Spoken Feedback, just go to chrome://settings/search#spoken%20feedback


Evernote 5 for Mac to offer revamped OS X style UI, new features

Evernote 5

Evernote, one of the first companies to offer a comprehensive cloud-based note-taking app for iOS and OS X, on Friday teased the upcoming launch of its redesigned Mac client which will add a number of user interface and operational changes.   @tquintana

Are you on a Mac or PC and want the app search box from ChromeOS? See below…

via François Beaufort – Yesterday 1:59 AM (edited)  –  Public  ( On Google+)

Here’s a command line that you could use with Google Chrome to quickly search through all your apps and more.
It’s really easy to do it:
– Create a shortcut which points to chrome.exe –show-app-list
– Click on the shortcut and enjoy searching your chrome apps, history, bookmarks, etc.

World, meet your browser

When Chrome first launched back in 2008, we realized that a lot of people didn’t know what a web browser was, much less which version they were using. They also didn’t know that you could choose to use a different browser. To help people learn about the importance of browser choice, we introduced, a simple site that answers the question, “What browser am I using, and why does it matter?”   @tquintana

Chrome OS is not “just” Chrome Browser. Here’s why.

Fresh off the heals of a new Chrome OS device release, the social media storm is brewing. A search for “Chromebook” on Twitter will give you a constant stream of new tweets. I really enjoy tracking what the public is tweeting about, and one of the biggest questions people seem to have about Chromebooks is mindbogglingly simple.   @tquintana

New Chrome Web Apps for Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Docs, Sheets, Slides

Google has just added several new web apps for Drive to the Chrome Web Store.

A fair few web apps has been announced today by Google in a Google+ post, and they are already up and available on the Chrome Web Store for you to head over and install.   @tquintana

Playing With the New Chrome OS Camera App

Of the several new apps being primed for ChromeOS its the ‘Camera’ one that intrigued me the most.   @tquintana

A New YouTube UI Experiment

YouTube continues to test new user interfaces. The latest experiment doesn’t bring a lot of changes: the sidebar has a new color scheme, YouTube shows more subscriptions at a time, some icons have been removed and the default section is called “now playing”.   @tquintana

Google Instant Shows Suggestions from Web Pages

Google Instant suggestions used to only include popular queries. Last year, Google started to show dynamic suggestions for the last words of your query. Now Google’s suggestions seem to include excerpts from web pages.   @tquintana

Opera Mini Promotes Google’s Services

Back in August, Opera and Google extended the revenue-sharing agreement for another two years, which means that Google will continue to be the default search in engine in Opera, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile.   @tquintana

New Samsung Chromebook now available in the Google Play Store

Samsung Chromebook

Google’s new Chromebook, made by Samsung, is available in the Google Play Store starting today for just $249.   @tquintana

YouTube to Get Tighter Google Integration

Google's YouTube Experiment in October

YouTube, one of the most-visited video content sites in the world will soon be receiving a makeover, complete with a Google bar.   @tquintana

Google confirms ‘next version’ of Google Wallet coming soon

BusinessInsider pointed us to an interesting update to the Google Wallet website today: Google is now advertising “the next version” of its mobile wallet app and providing a link a to request an invite. The website has a link to “Request an invite” for when the new version is ready, but even more interesting is what happens after users do so. After clicking the link, Google asks users to select the type of mobile device they use. The three options include: Android, iOS, and Other.   @tquintana

How To Redeem The Free 100 GB Google Drive From Your Chromebook

chromebook  How To Redeem The Free 100 GB Google Drive From Your Chromebook

How To Redeem The Free 100 GB Google Drive and other offers From Your Chromebook.

For Google Drive, you can go to and follow couple of easy steps!   @tquintana

Klout Updates iPhone App With Passbook Integration, Wants You To “Show Off” With Klout Card


Online social influence is something that can really rub people the wrong way. Klout obviously believes in it wholeheartedly;others, not so much. Now, in a move that’s sure to generate its fair share of criticism, Klout has updated its iPhone app with Passbook support, allowing users to create their own “Klout Card,” which lives in Passbook and can help users “show off [their] influence to get special service and experiences” from businesses.   @tquintana

Google Throws Open Doors to Its Top-Secret Data Center

If you’re looking for the beating heart of the digital age — a physical location where the scope, grandeur, and geekiness of the kingdom of bits become manifest—you could do a lot worse than Lenoir, North Carolina. This rural city of 18,000 was once rife with furniture factories. Now it’s the home of a Google data center.   @tquintana

Read Google Play Magazines in Chrome

chrome news  New   Read Google Play Magazines in Chrome

Google has just announced the availability of the magazines you purchase via Google Play in the Chrome browser with a new web reader.

Until now, this was possible only on an Android phone or tablet.   @tquintana

Starbucks updates app to follow holo design guidelines

Android Central

If you haven’t given the Starbucks app a try yet, it’s really worth a look. The app is free at the Google Play Store link above. If you’re just curious about the new UI, we’ve got a few screenshots comparing the old (left) and (new) designs after the break.   @tquintana

Free 100 GB on Google Drive for Chromebook Users – More Details

chrome news  Free 100 GB on Google Drive for Chromebook Users   More Details

A few weeks ago reported that Chromebook users will soon get 100 GB free space on Google Drive as a promotion, thanks to my friend François Beaufort‘s research.   @tquintana

Android 4.1.2 debuts with bug fixes, landscape support for Nexus 7

The hottest, newest version of our favorite mobile platform is starting to trickle out today as Android 4.1.2 makes its way into the  Android Open Source Project (AOSP).  What’s new?  Not much, really.  No, we mean it.   @tquintana

Starbucks Adds Passbook Support to Its iPhone App


Starbucks has added Passbook support to its iPhone app [App Store], as perhaps the highest profile app to embrace the feature. Starbucks customers can use its app to store gift cards and use QR codes on the phone to quickly pay for food and drinks without needing cash or credit cards. Additionally, the company keeps track of purchases for its rewards program.   @tquintana

Google Drive, Music, Shopper And Wallet All Receive Minor Updates

Google Drive, Music, Shopper And Wallet All Receive Minor Updates

Google has been rolling out a slew of minor updates across a multitude of apps. If you’re using any of the following apps, you’ll want to check for an update in the Play Store:

  • Google Drive
  • Google Music
  • Google Shopper
  • Google Wallet   @tquintana

Is the next wave of Google Nexus products advancing?

According to a leak from UK based phone retailer Carphone Warehouse, our Nexus 7 storage problems are soon to be over. The image above clearly lists a 32gb version of the flagship Google tablet and although it doesn’t say how much the new version will cost, I’m willing to bet it’ll be around $300, which is still less than its rival, the 32gb iPad. So it finally seems Google is listening to our complaints.   @tquintana

YouTube’s Updated Design Experiment

YouTube tests yet another interface and this time it’s both for the homepage and the video pages. For the first time, Google’s navigation bar is added to YouTube. The sidebar from the previous experiment includes some options that used to be placed at the top of the page and used to be persistent. Now you have to click “My subscriptions” every time you go to YouTube’s homepage if you want to remove recommendations.   @tquintana

Search Inside Gmail Attachments

Gmail has constantly improved its search technology, but there’s something you couldn’t do until recently: search inside attachments. Sure, you could find an attachment if you knew the filename or some keywords from the message. If someone sent you a text file or an HTML file, Gmail indexed its content, but Gmail couldn’t index PDF files, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and other popular attachment formats.   @tquintana

Download the Videos You’ve Uploaded to YouTube

YouTube lets you download the videos you’ve uploaded to the service, but the feature has a lot of limitations. “You can download MP4s of your own uploads, so as long as they do not have any copyrighted content or an audio track added through the Audio tool.” But that’s not all: “there is a limit of two downloads per hour for downloading your video to MP4. The Download MP4 button will not appear next to your videos if you’ve already downloaded two videos in an hour.”   @tquintana

Google Tag Manager

Google wants to be a marketer’s best friend online. That’s why the search company just created its new Google Tag Manager tool to make it easier and faster for online digital marketers to “tag” content on Websites so it can be connected to online users.   @tquintana

How the Chromebox and Series 5 550 Got Their Codenames

Bill Richardson is a Google engineer working on Chrome OS and the guy who originally putUbuntu on Chromebooks (I just automated his work with a script and hosted image). He recentlyshared some really cool insight into how Chrome OS devices got their nicknames.   @tquintana

Become a Google Power-User with Black Menu

Google introduced the Google Bar almost a year ago now and it has gone through several redesigns and improvements (based on user feedback) since that time.   @tquintana