Google Keep updated with more features including lists


Google’s efforts to become the only online service you need continues with an update to Google Keep that adds more features. Google Keep, which is aimed at services like Evernote, is a note taking app which allows you to save your ideas, thoughts and reminders on your Android device and then access them from any of your Android devices and your Desktop via the built-in synchronization which works via Google Drive.

Since its release less than a month ago, the app has been downloaded millions of times, has received over 20,000 comments on Google Play and has been rated by its users with 4.5 stars. Impressive! Now the latest update adds new features including the ability to create lists with checkboxes.

The check box feature is quite neat in that you can create a note as a list (by tapping on the big tick sign) or you can convert existing text into a check list. On every note tapping the menu reveals an option to either show or hide the checkboxes. Any existing notes can be converted to a list by showing the checkboxes. When you do this each line of text will become a item in the check list. Hiding the checkboxes returns the note back to plain text! This is a neat feature for those who started to create lists manually on Keep. With the checkboxes enabled each item can be marked as completed and Keep will strike out the item on the list.

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