[Sneak Peek] The Google+ Photo App for Chrome OS

We take a sneak peek at the new Google+ Photos app now shipping with the Chromebook Pixel and soon to be available for the rest of the Chromebook family.

The main reason people should buy a Chromebook? Google+ integration. And as time goes on, we’ll be seeing more and more of packaged apps such as Google+ Photos which will make Chromebooks a Plusser’s dream.

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‘Voice Search’ on Google.com

Screenshot 2013-05-23 at 6.50.33 AM

Google Announces It Will Update Chrome for iOS With Voice Search

Google has announced that it will update its Chrome browser for iOS with voice search.

Over the coming days, we’re rolling out an update for iPhone and iPad as well. You can now speak your searches into the omnibox. Touch the microphone, say your search query aloud and see your results (in some cases spoken back to you), all without typing a single letter. 

The update will also enable faster reloading of web pages by more efficient use of the cache.

As announced previously, Google notes that iOS apps can now give you the option to open links in Chrome and then return to the app with just one tap.

Earlier today, Google enabled conversational voice search for users on Chrome 27.

We’ll let you know as soon as the update is live in the App Store.

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Google+ Photos, Drive and Gmail Now Have 15GB Free Shared Storage

These days, Google is keen to unify their product offerings. And today’s the day when it comes to free storage. Rolling out today, users get a total of 15GB shared storage between Google+ Photos, Drive and Gmail. Free.

Shared storage means that users can decide how they want to use it. If you’re light on Gmail but heavy on Google+ photos, this means that you can use more free storage towards uploading full-resolution photos on Google+ than on Gmail. Before, you’d only have 5GB (10GB on Gmail) on each service, without the freedom of choosing what to do with the free storage.

Google Cloud Messaging Comes to Chrome and Chrome OS, Brings Push Notifications

chrome news  Google Cloud Messaging Comes to Chrome and Chrome OS, Brings Push Notifications

Here is another Chrome and Chrome OS news that has Google IO written all over it. Google is bringing the Google Cloud Messaging. This was an Android only feature so far. With its introduction, Chrome apps will be able to use push notifications.

Excerpts from the blog post.

Event pages keep apps and extensions efficient by allowing them to respond to a variety of events such as timers or navigation to a particular site, without having to remain running persistently. But what if you need to respond to something that occurs outside of Chrome, such as a news alert, a message sent to a user or a stock hitting a price threshold? Until now, you had to do this by repeatedly polling a server. This process consumed bandwidth and reduced the battery life of your users’ machines. For a more efficient solution, starting today you can use Google Cloud Messaging for Chrome (GCM) – across all channels of Chrome.

Here is the official introduction to the Google Cloud Messaging, which will give you an idea about what it does.

Google Cloud Messaging for Chrome (GCM) is a service for signed-in Chrome users that helps developers send message data from servers to their Chrome apps and extensions. The service is intended to wake up an app or extension, and/or alert a user. For example, calendar updates could be pushed to users even when their calendaring app isn’t open.

For more details, check out the official documentation here.

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New Interface for Gmail Chat History

Google tests a new interface for the chat logs saved in Gmail. The new interface shows profile images and hides the regular buttons and menus that are displayed for almost all messages and conversations. For some reason, Google removed buttons like “move to inbox”, “delete”, “labels”, the “more” drop-down, the “reply” button and the associated menu. Timestamps are only displayed when you mouse over a chat line.

There’s a new “resume chat” button and a “delete messages history” button that triggers this warning: “Deleting the history will permanently delete all messages in this chat conversation. The messages will not go to the Trash. You will still receive messages that are sent after this action.

I don’t see this new interface in my Gmail account, but maybe you have more luck. You can find Gmail’s chat history here: https://mail.google.com/mail/#chats. The interface should only look different for recent conversations, so you can still see the old UI for the other chat conversations.

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Babel launching as Google Hangouts


The rumored unified messaging service from Google is expected to be one of the most exciting releases this year. Google has many forms of communication, but so far we have only been able to use them separately. Babel is meant to merge them together and create a network like no other, and surely you want to learn more. New rumors have emerged and now we even have a name – Google Hangouts.

Seems the Search Giant is taking it’s Google+ Hangout moniker and spreading it across its services. The source is ryan_socio, who has been known to leak accurate Google information in the past. He claims to have used Google Hangouts for a few minutes. This is the reason why he couldn’t tell us too much.

The Google Hangouts Android app is said to be a Holo-themed app with an icon that looks much like the Google+ Messenger one, except it is green. Furthermore, it seems like the app won’t support MMS/SMS; or at least the version he used.

In other news, he also found out a couple details that should be unveiled soon (probably at Google IO). Apparently Google Now is set to get location-based reminders. You can tell it to remind you to buy a certain product when you are at the store, or to call a friend when you get home. The Gmail app is also said to get a nice Holo update, with the ability to swipe left and right to access different sections.

We are pretty sure we will hear more about these updates at Google IO, which is just around the corner. Our team will be in San Francisco covering the event, so be sure that we will be letting you know how everything evolves!

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Gmail for iOS updated, now redirecting you to its apps instead of the browser


Gmail for iOS has just been updated to version 2.2.7182, which comes with a couple great updates Google fans will definitely appreciate. For starters we are now able to go straight to other Google apps when tapping a link from the Gmail app. This is a very welcomed addition as we have been inconveniently redirected to the browser for years, since the Gmail app’s release.

Now users will be redirected to the Chrome, YouTube and Google Maps apps when accessing a relative link in the iOS Gmail app. This makes the Google experience on iOS at least a bit more integrated. The goal is to make non-Android mobile operating systems as merged with Google Apps as possible, and we seem to be on the right track.

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