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” It started with a Cr-48! “

In December of 2010 while cruising around facebook, I came across a post from Google.  Earlier that day Google had announced a NEW program called the ‘Cr-48 Pilot Program’.  Google was looking for individuals that were willing to test an operating system that they were working on.  The operating system was referred to as ChromeOS ( which would resemble the Chrome web browser that Google had already had released to the masses ).  If chosen, Google would send you a nondescript laptop with no manufacturing markings or indicators on it with ChromeOS installed on it.  The laptop would periodically ‘call home’ to see if a new release of the operating system came out; and if so would install it.  Just like the Chrome web browser, the system would always be update-to-date.

I followed the link provided and filled out the questionnaire.  Admittedly, some of my answers were Google heavy.  Meaning I embellished a little on some of the questions.  A little under two weeks later ( forgetting that I had completed that questionnaire and submitted my candidacy ) a large box arrived from UPS with no markings besides my mailing information.  I had been chosen for the ‘Cr-48 Pilot Program’!  There was quite a learning curve to say the least.  At the time the browser window was ‘always present’ meaning you couldn’t minimize the window.  The window was always there until you turned off the laptop.

” Google Evangelist “

Anyway…  at that time I already had a Gmail account but didn’t use any other Google services… Calendar, Google Voice, Google Wave… etc.  Google + wasn’t even out yet.  Through time I began weaning myself off of Apple products ( at the time I was using the .Mac services ) and moved my information to Google…  contact, calendar events.. etc.  But when Google+ began, things changed.  The shares and content on facebook is different then the content and shares on Google+.  The content that was being shared on Google+ had a difference range of topics just like facebook: people’s vacation images, funny images, news stories and updates about Google products and services.  I enjoyed the latter especially.  If there were updates to Google+, operating system updates for ChromeOS, updates to Google products it was talked about here.  People talked and shared the information.

I have accumulated quite a following to my Google+ stream.  I keep several communities up-to-date on with ChromeOS updates and Google products and services updates.  Also being an iOS user, I sometimes are able to receive updates for Google products on my phone faster than the official announcements come out.  I try to be helpful as much as I can with people who ask questions about ChromeOS and Google+.

Thomas Quintana

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