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Google Contacts Shortcut

If you want to quickly open Gmail’s address book, you can bookmark or type the URL in the address bar. Another option is to add a shortcut to the standalone Google Contacts page in Google’s app launcher:

1. go to and sign in

2. click the app launcher icon

3. click “add a shortcut” next to the Contacts icon

4. you can move the icon using drag and drop


You can add similar shortcuts for other Google services: Google Keep, Google Sites, Google Groups, Google Play Music, Webmaster Tools, Patent Search, Google Voice.

Google My Business debuts to help small businesses connect with customers via Search, Maps, and Google+

Google today launched Google My Business, a new free tool available at As its name implies, the tool allows small business to connect with their customers.

Google is also planning to launch an accompanying Google My Business app for Android and iOS. This will allow businesses to manage their information on the go, although the company wouldn’t say when to expect a launch other than “soon.” Update: Google tells us the Android app will be launching later today; you can grab it now from Google Play.

We do know, however, how it will look like on Android:

GMB mobile final 1 Google My Business debuts to help small businesses connect with customers via Search, Maps, and Google+


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Throwback Thursday…

Photos of Google Glass with prescription glasses posted then removed by Google employee


A couple of days after Google started inviting Glass Explorers to upgrade to the second generation model, Google employee Brian Matiash posted photos showing Glass mounted on a pair of prescription glasses – then later removed them. You’d have thought Google of all companies would know you can’t erase things from the Internet …

It appears that the modified Glass unit has a slot in the top into which the glasses are fitted. It looks from the photos like quite a few designs of prescription glasses and sunglasses would be compatible with the unit.

Roll-out of Glass Explorer program is very gradually expanding, with existing Explorers recently invited to buy Glass for a friend after previously being given three invitations to pass on back in September.

Second photo of the prescription glass model below …



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Google has pushed out a big update to the Google+ app for iOS. Version 4.6.0

Have you order your Google Wallet Card ?

Google Wallet users in the US can now get a physical card from Google. It’s free, but you need to verify your identity, which means you’ll have to provide more information to Google: the last four digits of Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) and more.

“The Google Wallet Card is a physical prepaid debit card that allows you to access your Wallet Balance in the real world, at ATMs, banks, and wherever MasterCard® Debit is accepted. If you’re in the US, and you have already verified your identity, you can request a Wallet Card from the desktop site at, or from the mobile app. Once you receive and activate it, you’ll be able to pay with the Wallet Card at online and physical stores that accept MasterCard® Debit, and make cash withdrawals at ATMs or banks.”

google wallet


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Google Flight Search adds save option to access flights on all devices

OK GoogleGoogle Voice SearchGoogle today announced it’s adding a handy new feature to its Google Flight Search tool that allows users to find and book flights. Now, when viewing a flight on Google Flight Search on the web or your mobile device, you’ll be able to hit a small star icon that will save your flight to a “Save Flights” section.     More on this article

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Google Wallet will stop supporting NFC redemption of gift and loyalty cards

google wallet

Google Wallet doesn’t seem to be able to catch a break these days. Not long after it was found to be incompatible with the new Nexus 7, the service has now announced that it will no longer support NFC redemption of gift and loyalty cards past August 21. This means that you can longer put your gift cards into Google Wallet and just tap and pay like you used to.

So what does this mean for users of this service? Well, if you’ve already used your gift cards, you don’t have to do anything. If you still have a remaining balance for your gift cards, you can only use tap and pay until August 21. After that, they’re useless within Google Wallet. Do note though, if you still have the physical gift cards, they will still work even though they won’t be in Google Wallet any longer. Google says that it’s working with retailers for other options regarding gift and loyalty cards.

Do any of you use gift or loyalty cards with Google Wallet?   @tquintana

How To Use Google’s Android Manager To Find Your Lost Device

adm featured

Losing your Android device, either to theft or your own forgetfulness, is certainly no fun. But it’s a lot better than it used to be. Google has finally released their answer to Lost Android, Lookout, and Apple’s Find My iPhone: Android Device Manager. ADM should be hitting your device soon, if it hasn’t already, to help you locate or factory wipe your misplaced Android device. Here’s how to use it.

Set up

Android Device Manager will automatically hit your device without you having to do a thing. If you don’t have it yet, you will soon. But before you can take full advantage of ADM, you’re going to need to do a few things, like enable factory reset on your device. Setting it up is pretty simple. First, visit

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 9.32.01 PM

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Google Press Event: Breakfast with Sundar Pichai

Google Press Event: Breakfast with Sundar Pichai

Feel free to speculate. I’m guessing we’ll find out about Android 4.3 and a new Nexus 7.

Live Stream URL added.

Android 4.3
New Nexus 7
H2G2 media streaming device
New Chromebook
Chrome Dongle for TV (Chromecast?)

Gmail Has New Ads That Look Like Emails, Here’s How to Turn Them Off

Gmail Has New Ads That Look Like Emails, Here's How to Turn Them Off

When Google introduced the new tabbed interface for Gmail, it also brought along some new ads under the Promotions tab.

The ads look a bit too much like legitimate emails, which is problematic for many users. However, they’re also limited to the Promotions tab, which makes it super easy to turn them off if you want to avoid confusion. Here’s how:

  1. Click the Settings icon in the top right corner of the Gmail tab.
  2. Select “Configure Inbox.”
  3. Deselect the “Promotions” tab and click Save.

Of course, if you want to keep the Promotions tab, there’s not much you can do. You can also disable the tabs entirely by unchecking everything except “Primary” on this same menu, if you prefer.   @tquintana

Gmail for iOS updated, now redirecting you to its apps instead of the browser


Gmail for iOS has just been updated to version 2.2.7182, which comes with a couple great updates Google fans will definitely appreciate. For starters we are now able to go straight to other Google apps when tapping a link from the Gmail app. This is a very welcomed addition as we have been inconveniently redirected to the browser for years, since the Gmail app’s release.

Now users will be redirected to the Chrome, YouTube and Google Maps apps when accessing a relative link in the iOS Gmail app. This makes the Google experience on iOS at least a bit more integrated. The goal is to make non-Android mobile operating systems as merged with Google Apps as possible, and we seem to be on the right track.

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Google+ and Chat integrated to documents in Drive

The web brings people together, a fact Google has always emphasized in all of its projects. But this is not only for fun, it also helps when taking care of work. Collaborating with multiple users in Google Drive documents makes getting through work a breeze, and it just got better. Google has integrated Google+ to Google Drive, bringing the unified social factor to your documents.

Google Drive will now display an image of other viewers in a document in the top-right corner of the browser. Hovering over these photos will display more details about the user and allow you to add them to your Google+ Circles. In addition, one can start a chat by simply pressing the chat icon next to the images.

These are small features that go a long way. We have no doubt this will somehow be integrated into Google’s rumored unified messaging service, Babel. So there is much more to expect, guys. Stay tuned for more details as Google I/O gets closer.   @tquintana

Babel: What We’ve Seen and What We Know

We all desperately want a unified messaging solution across Google’s products and services, and we’re betting you’ve heard rumors regarding this in one form or another. 

What We Know

Vic Gundotra, the Senior Vice President, Engineering at Google hints at a better messaging experience coming “shortly”, which most likely means that it will be announced at this year’s Google I/O conference.

Vic was mentioned in a post on Google+ yesterday, when he responded regarding some of the feedback. The most intriguing part of the reply was regarding the unification of the messaging systems across Google (Talk, G+ Messenger, Hangouts etc).

Here’s a quote straight from the comment:

“On your messenger point… I agree. Expect good progress here shortly… …The overall momentum continues to surprise us and I’m looking forward to Google IO!” – +Vic Gundotra

What We’ve Seen

This pretty much almost confirms that we’ll see the progress on messaging being announced very soon, most likely at Google I/O 2013, and it could be called Babel, though it may just be a codename.

Developer François Beaufort hired by Google – leaks to disappear?

François Beaufort

If there is a Chrome-related leak rolling around the internet, you can be almost sure popular developer François Beaufort is somehow related to it. The Chrome OS fan base has been blessed by his many contributions to the community. He has given us info on the Chromebook Pixel, the rumored Google “Babble” project and many more Chrome-related topics. But this may end soon, as the Google+ personality has gone under Google’s wing.

François Beaufort is now the new open-source Chromium Evangelist, and will be working closely with Google’s new and upcoming projects. We are proud of him and very glad he has found a spot where he seems to be happy, but we are also a bit sad about what may be coming.

Working with Google, Beaufort will not have the same freedom he has always had. He promises there is a lot more content to come, but we are sure he will have to answer to Mountain View if he leaks something he shouldn’t. At the very least, his leaks will be limited and come less frequently. I guess we will simply have to dig in deeper!

Enjoy your new gig, François Beaufort!   @tquintana

Google Keep, Now Available

Google Keep has been launched: it’s Google’s latest attempt to create a service for taking notes. Unlike Google Notebook, Keep is a Google Drive app (the Drive integration is not yet ready for public release), it doesn’t have a rich-text editor and it’s optimized for mobile.

There’s an Android app and a desktop site. Both use the sticky notes metaphor and you can choose the color for each note, add text, images, lists and voice recordings that are automatically converted to text in the mobile app. Both interfaces let you choose between the grid view and the list view.

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Hangouts Capture App Announced – Allows You to Capture Moments As They Happen

The Google+ Team has launched the new Hangouts Capture app which allows users to snap and save moments as they happen in Google+ Hangouts.

With the brand-new Hangouts Capture app, announced by Googler +Jeremy Ng, users will be able to take screen captures of a Hangout with just two simple clicks. One click to open the app and just one click to take the picture.  These pictures will instantly be saved in a shared album (see above) only visible to those invited to the Hangout and not just those in the Hangout itself at the time.

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Comparing the New Facebook Interface to Google+

There has been a lot of talk about how the new, redesigned Facebook News Feed is similar to Google+. The new interface has recently rolled out to my account and I’ve had a look around. Are they really that similar? Read on as I report my findings below:

I signed up for the preview (which you can opt-in here) a few days ago, and I woke up to the new News Feed this morning. Obviously, I wasn’t terribly excited, though I was keen to get an actual hands-on for myself to see how similar it is to Google+, that everyone has purported it to be.

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New Mobile Gmail Interface

Gmail’s mobile site now looks like the hybrid Gmail app for iPhone and iPad. There are some differences: the app has a sidebar, a different interface for changing accounts and support for push notifications.

Unlike Gmail’s app for Android, the iPhone app is just a wrapper for the mobile site with a few extra features. Until now, Gmail’s app for iPhone used a different interface than the mobile site. Mobile Gmail had an old interface that predated the Google-wide redesign efforts.

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User-Agent Switcher Extension for Chrome

Screenshot 2013-03-02 at 15.28.55

Have you ever been restricted from using a website because you use Chrome? Do you want to test to see what your mobile site looks like on your desktop? All is possible with the User-Agent Switcher Extension.

Even in 2013, many website still require you to use Internet Explorer to access them. However, most of these websites will still function correctly in Chrome. So how do you get past these restrictions?

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Google Trusted Testers: From Betas to Campaigns

Google has a site for “trusted testers“, but you need to be invited by a Google employee to test new Google services and new features before they’re publicly available. “The Trusted Tester Program gives trusted Google users, friends and family members of Google employees a chance to test and share feedback on Google products or features that have yet to be released,” explains Google.

It’s interesting to compare the answers from a FAQ leaked in 2006 with the answers from a similar FAQ, which is available in the source code of the Trusted Tester site. For example, Google replaced “betas” with “campaigns”.

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The New ChromeOS Wallpaper Picker Is A Thing of Beauty


Here’s a change in ChromeOS dev that many of you will find trivial but a few, myself included, will find beautiful: a dark wallpaper picker.

In terms of functionality the re-coloured wallpaper pick is almost identical to the stable channel’s version; you can choose from a range of pre-defined wallpapers, or set your own.

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Google Tests a New Navigation Interface

Google tests a new navigation menu that’s more compact and includes fewer services. You need to click an icon that’s placed next to the “sign in” button and you can access popular services like Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive and Google Calendar. For some reason, the menu includes a redundant icon for Google Search even when you’re using Google’s search engine.

The interface seems to be inspired by Chrome’s app launcher, uses less space, but it’s not very obvious. It’s like a new version of the hidden navigation menu that was launched back in 2011 and removed after a few weeks.   @tquintana

New Google Weather OneBox for Desktop

Google updated the weather OneBox from the desktop search interface to match the tablet interface. The new OneBox is huge, it includes more information and it’s more interactive. While the old OneBox only displayed the weather forecast for 4 days, the new one has an hourly and an 8-day forecast for temperature, precipitation and wind.   @tquintana

Chrome’s Giant Touch-Optimized Menu

Somewhere between Chrome 25 (beta) and Chrome 26 (dev), the browser’s menu got bigger. It’s now optimized for touch interfaces even if you’re using a non-touch computer. I’ve checked the height of the menu and it’s now 580 pixels, instead of 420 pixels. That’s a 38% increase and it makes the interface more difficult to use for mouse users.

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The Old Image Search, Still Available

The old Google Image Search interface is still available in the OneBox result that’s displayed for some Google searches like [tropical birds] or [europe map]. If you add “image”, “images”, “photo” or “photos” to your query, Google will show 4 times more image results. It’s like a simplified image search interface inside the regular Google Search.   @tquintana

Yet Another Study Shows The Galaxy Brand Is Becoming Synonymous With Android


One of the biggest problems Google faces with Android is avoiding a situation where one manufacturer controls so much of the market that everything else falls by the wayside. As study after study shows, though, this is becoming an increasing risk as Samsung gobbles up more customers. To wit, this survey from Localytics—a company that provides analytics for mobile apps— showed that of the top ten Android devices its customers used, eight were made by Samsung, and seven had the Galaxy brand attached.

The trend is staggering, but not surprising. After all, between Samsung and Apple, the two companies account for somewhere between most and more than all the smartphone profits. However, even when you look at products that we assume are doing very well (because they are!) like the Nexus 7, Samsung is still taking the lead. You’ll notice in the chart above that the most used Android tablet that isn’t a Kindle is the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. That’s more than a little astounding.   @tquintana

LEGO Bugdroid Reaches Review Status After Gaining 10,000 Supporters

LEGO Bugdroid Reaches Review Status After Gaining 10,000 Supporters

A while back, a great little project hit my radar. It was a LEGO Bugdroid made by a fella going by the name of GLHTurbo. Hoping to make his LEGO Bugdroid an official kit, he took to LEGO’s CUUSOO site (think Kickstarter for Lego projects).

In order for any CUUSOO project to be considered by the LEGO group, it must first garner 10,000 supporters. This is no easy feat for a LEGO project, but it’s a feat that GLHTurbo’s LEGO Bugdroid was able to accomplish.

That’s right, we’re happy to report that the LEGO Bugdroid has moved on to the “Review Stage” and will be looked over to determine whether or not it would be popular enough to warrant its availability in stores.

While there’s no guarantee we’ll see our favorite green mascot reach stores in LEGO form, it’s amazing to see the kind of support that comes out of the Android community.

Either way, the LEGO Bugdroid is a winner in my book. Congrats on reaching 10K and good luck!   @tquintana

Samsung to Unveil the Galaxy S IV on March 15 [Rumor]

Samsung to Unveil the Galaxy S IV on March 15 [Rumor]

We already know that Samsung plans on unveiling the Galaxy S IV during a Samsung Unpacked event, only we have no idea when or where that will be. However, according to the latest rumor, we may now have an idea of when.

According to a “trusted insider” who spoke with SamMobile, Samsung is planning on holding their Unpacked event on March 15. While still no word of location, they do plan on unveiling the Galaxy S IV to the world.

As for availability, SamMobile’s source expects Europe and Asia to receive the Galaxy S IV before the end of April while America, Australia and Africa will have to wait until around May/June.

I’m sure we’ll see a ton of rumors and fake photos hit the web from now until then, but if March 15 is indeed the date, it won’t be long before we have official specs. Until then, here are the rumored specs of the Samsung Galaxy S IV:

  • an Exynos 5 Octa (8-Core) CPU
  • Mali-T658 (8-Core) GPU
  • 4.99″ Super AMOLED Full HD Resolution Display
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 13 Megapixel Rear facing Camera capable of shooting 1080p Full HD Videos at 30FPS
  • 2 Megapixel front facing camera capable of shooting 720p HD Videos
  • Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean   @tquintana

Is Google Planning to Release a Unified Messaging Service?

Is Google Planning to Release a Unified Messaging Service?

In the early morning (here in the U.S.), François Beaufort treated Google+ to a look at rich notifications on Chrome OS. However, it was an icon pinned to the launcher tray that really caught everyone’s attention.

If you take a close look, the icon resembles four messaging icons stacked upon one another. This heavily hints at the possibility of Google rolling out a unified messaging service. François Beaufort was quick to state that he does not yet know what that app is, however, he adds a sly little wink at the end to keep us wondering.   @tquintana

Leaked Qualcomm Roadmap all but Confirms Key Lime Pie for Q2 2013

Leaked Qualcomm Roadmap all but Confirms Key Lime Pie for Q2 2013

If for some reason you aren’t already convinced of the moniker Key Lime Pie for the next iteration of Android, we’ve got a bit more evidence for you to ponder over. A leaked Qualcomm roadmap obtained by Android Police all but confirms Key Lime Pie and suggests a Q2 2013 release.

Of course, the Q2 release fits in perfectly with the timing of Google I/O, and frankly, we wouldn’t expect it to be unveiled at any other time or place.   @tquintana

Nexus 7 Successor to Feature full HD Display, Thinner Bezel, Same Great Nexus 7 Price [Rumor]

Nexus 7 Successor to Feature full HD Display, Thinner Bezel, Same Great Nexus 7 Price [Rumor]

Vanilla Android, top notch features, and an affordable price made the Nexus 7 one of the most successful Android tablets of all time. As we look to the future, it would only make sense for Google to embrace this winning combination and implement it in future models. Well, according to DigiTimes, that’s exactly what Google has planned for the Nexus 7 successor.

According to the Taiwanese outlet, Google is set to announce its second-generation Nexus 7 tablet in May. Like the first, it’s to be made in conjunction with ASUS, feature top notch hardware and software, and remain at the same amazing price point of $199-$249.

The new model is rumored to feature a full HD display, thinner bezel, and the latest version of Android (presumably Android 4.2).   @tquintana

Chrome Beta for Android Updated to Include Support for chrome://flags

Chrome Beta for Android Updated to Include Support for chrome://flags

Chrome Beta for Android received quite an interesting update today. Users can now access all the experimental features within chrome://flags. Features and support for things such as WebGL, a JavaScript API for rendering accelerated graphics, disabling deferred 2D canvas, adding an FPS counter, and more are now available for you to experiment with.

To access this new section, all you have to do is update Chrome Beta for Android and then typechrome://flags in the address bar of Chrome Beta.   @tquintana

Google Files Application With FCC for Experimental Wireless Network

Google Files Application With FCC for Experimental Wireless Network

Google is once again toying with our emotions by reinvigorating our Google wireless network fantasies with an FCC filing. Google has submitted an application to the FFC, asking for a license to create an experimental radio service, or more specifically, an experimental campus-wide (2 mile radius) wireless network based off of an obscure set of frequencies: 2524 to 2625MHz.

So what does this mean? Your guess is as good as ours. It’s not unlike Google to experiment on campus — but they ought to know we’re all watching, and when you start hinting at a Google wireless network, we start salivating. It’s what we all want: Google to swoop in and save us from the old, tired, greedy wireless duopoly of AT&T and Verizon.

Thousands of us have already contemplated packing up and moving to Kansas City for Google’s Fiber services, can you image what would happen if Google coupled that with its own wireless network service for mobile devices? “Take my money!” is right.   @tquintana

For the Fourth Time, Google Tops Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work for – Apple… Nowhere to be Found

For the Fourth Time, Google Tops Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work for – Apple… Nowhere to be Found

“Hey Apple,” I guess it’s true what they say: “money can’t buy employee happiness.” Okay, that’s not exactly how the saying goes, but you get my point. For the fourth time, Google has topped the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work for while the Cupertino cash cow is nowhere to be found.

It’s really no surprise that El Google keeps topping the list, I mean, with perks such as subsidized massages, in-house slides and a seven-acre sports complex, who wouldn’t want to work there? Of course, there’s much more to working at Google than just the free haircuts, you do actually have to work… sometimes.   @tquintana

The Race to a Billion: Android Predicted to Reach 1 Billion Users well Before iOS

The Race to a Billion: Android Predicted to Reach 1 Billion Users well Before iOS

With 2013 in full swing, Horace Dediu of Aysmco takes another look at which platforms are leading the pack in the race to a billion. While Horace includes a plethora of platforms, we’ll take a close look at the two we’re most concerned about: Android and iOS.

A quick glance at the Platform Adoption Ramps and you’ll notice Android has managed to surpass iOS in total user base and is on the path to reach 1 billion users well before iOS. These are compelling numbers when compared to the multitude of other platforms that have not only been around longer than Android, but have failed to even come close to the billion mark.

Facebook has already managed to cross the finish line, however, Horace points out that the slopes of both Android and iOS point towards an eventual overtake in overall ecosystem size.   @tquintana

Samsung Roadmap Points to a 4.99-inch 1080p Device Coming Soon

Samsung Roadmap Points to a 4.99-inch 1080p Device Coming Soon

If you were lucky enough to visit the Samsung demo room at CES, you might have noticed a display roadmap hidden among the flexible display prototypes and media fluff. The roadmap mostly covered past or current Samsung device displays, however, at the far end of the map lies a yet announced 4.99-inch FHD display with 440ppi.

Could this be the display for the Samsung Galaxy S4? The display specs and Q1 release date would seem to point in that direction. It is interesting to see the Galaxy S line being bumped up to a Note-like size of just under 5-inches. I was extremely happy with the Galaxy S3 size and found it to be the perfect fit. I, however, do not care for the size of the Note, so I’ll be a bit disappointed if the S4 ends up being 4.99-inches.

We probably won’t hear much more about the S4 until Mobile World Congress next month, but you can be sure Samsung will have some sort of large device sporting an FHD display with 440ppi.   @tquintana

Getting Started With Android: Choose Your Google Account Wisely

Getting Started With Android: Choose Your Google Account Wisely

I’d like to take this time to give new Android users some very sage advice: “choose your Google account wisely!” Creating a Google account is one of the very first steps you’ll take as a new Android user, and believe it or not, it’s the most important. Most of us are so excited when we get our first Android device that we don’t give much thought to our Google account username, but I’m going to tell you why you should think long and hard before typing

I’m betting there are hundreds of thousands of Android users out there (myself included) that wish they could go back in time and create a general account to use with their Android device. This is important for many reasons, but most of all for the content you will be purchasing from Google Play.

You see, while you can always change things like phone numbers, email addresses, etc., the one thing you can’t change, is the account your paid content is linked to. This is why I strongly recommend all new users create a general account to use for Google Play purchases and nothing else.   @tquintana

Android 4.0+ tip: How to Easily View and Manage Data Usage

Android 4.0+ tip: How to Easily View and Manage Data Usage

As you all know, data has become a high commodity these days and every MB counts. That’s why Google decided to throw users a bone by including some great data management tools in Android 4.0. Today I’m going to show you how to use those tools to help stay in control of your data and keep your hard earned money out of the hands of the, well… you know.

To access the data management tools in Android 4.0+, you need to first go to Settings and then choose Data Usage.   @tquintana

Android 101: How to Share a Photo

Android 101: How to Share a Photo

You’ve just picked up your first Android device (congratulations by the way) and managed to take the most amazing photo of a bear on a tricycle (maybe you were at the circus, I don’t know). This, of course, is something you have to share with friends and family, only problem is — you don’t know how! No problem, we’ve got you covered. I’m going to show you just how easy it is to share photos directly from your Android phone.

There are a couple different ways you can share your photos. I’m going to show you the most basic methods of doing it from both your Camera app and Gallery.   @tquintana

Android 101: How to Add an Email Account

Android 101: How to Add an Email Account

One of the first things you’ll want to set up on your new Android device is your email. Whether you only use one email account or several, being able to receive your email while mobile is one of the most important features of a smartphone. Since not everyone is a smartphone veteran, we’re going to show you the basics and get you started. Now, depending on which version of Android you’re running, things may look a bit different, but the concept is the same.

When you first set up your Android device, you’ll be asked to either set up a new Google account or use an existing account login. Whatever Google account you end up using will be the default for your Gmail. On an Android device, your Gmail remains separate from all other email. We’re now going to show you how to add additional email accounts other than Gmail to your Android phone.   @tquintana

Google employee seemingly confirms Key Lime Pie name with clever drawing

There hasn’t been much resistance to the belief that Key Lime Pie would be the name for the next major version of Android, but we may have just gotten confirmation for those who might still be iffy about it. A Google employee by the name of Manu Cornet took the time to draw out a a graphic showing the “evolution of Android,” of sorts. The graphic depicts the growth and evolution cycle of an Android robot that isn’t unlike the classic “monkey to man” depiction we see for the human race.

Obviously, the Android robot (whose name is The Bugdroid, in case you still haven’t heard) doesn’t change much in appearance over time. The most recent step in the evolution timeline has the little guy chomping on some delicious key lime pie, though. While this might not be hard confirmation it at least shows that the name is popular enough around the Mountain View offices to warrant time spent on this great illustration.   @tquintana

Google now using Google+ names and photos for Play store user reviews

Google is getting rid of anonymous reviews in its Google Play store and informing users that from now on store reviews “will be posted publicly using your Google+ name and picture.”   @tquintana

Gmail integrates with Drive for sharing of files up to 10 GB large

Google just announced that Gmail users could now insert Google Drive files up to 10GB large directly into an email without exiting Gmail.   @tquintana