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Google+ Photos Backup and Sync now possible on Windows desktop… with Picasa.

Picasa download page

With the latest Picasa program for Windows, Picasa now includes Google+ Auto Backup for the Desktop.  I haven’t sign-in yet to the Picasa app but this morning I was presented with small sign-in window called Google+ Auto Backup asking me to log-in to my Google account.  The instructions are pretty straight forward and very easy.  If you have m multiple Google accounts associated with you then you are prompted on which account you want to log into and move forward.

Google+ Photo Backup Google+ Photo Backup Account Chooser

You are then presented with a Google+ Auto Backup menu which asks which devices and folders do you want to sync with Google+.  You have the photo size options on whether you want to upload full-size images or standard size.  Then you click ‘Start backup’.  Then a browser window opens indicating that the Auto Backup process has began and provides you info about the task manager icon and options and so on.

Google+ Photo Backup Menu

Google+ Photo Backup Browser PageJust like for the Google Drive program for the Windows platform, once syncing has been completed, you receive a little announcement window in your task bar.

google+ Sync complete

Even though it required installing Picasa even though I probably won’t use the desktop version, this is a great way to get images from multiple devices and/or locations and place them in your Google+ Photo Albums.  You can place them in Google Drive and have your Google Drive images showing in your Google + Albums, but then they aren’t exactly organized the way you want them.  They are just visible to you from another folder.  Anyway this is a great step forward I think in Google helping us organize our images and albums just like the way we are able to with Picasa.

Picasa for Windows download link


Google+ Photos icon updated in Chrome OS…


Noticed tonight that the Google+ Photos icon for Chrome OS has been updated to the NEW icon that has been pushed through to all other Google+ products.

Google has pushed out a big update to the Google+ app for iOS. Version 4.6.0

Mood and device statuses for Hangouts now appearing on the desktop.


You can now see your friends’ device and mood statuses in Hangouts on the desktop.

The feature, introduced in the latest version of Hangouts for Android and iOS allows you to express your mood in the form of emoji, as well as letting people know what device you’re currently using, such as a laptop, phone or tablet.

The feature remained absent for desktop Hangouts, that is until today. The update should be rolling out to everyone now, but works slightly differently to the mobile apps.

( more on this article from Google Plus Daily here… )

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Google+ for iOS has been updated to 4.5.1

Thomas Quintana - Google+

Google+ for iOS has been updated to 4.5.1


Google+ for iOS   @tquintana

Google+ Photos, Drive and Gmail Now Have 15GB Free Shared Storage

These days, Google is keen to unify their product offerings. And today’s the day when it comes to free storage. Rolling out today, users get a total of 15GB shared storage between Google+ Photos, Drive and Gmail. Free.

Shared storage means that users can decide how they want to use it. If you’re light on Gmail but heavy on Google+ photos, this means that you can use more free storage towards uploading full-resolution photos on Google+ than on Gmail. Before, you’d only have 5GB (10GB on Gmail) on each service, without the freedom of choosing what to do with the free storage.

Google+ and Chat integrated to documents in Drive

The web brings people together, a fact Google has always emphasized in all of its projects. But this is not only for fun, it also helps when taking care of work. Collaborating with multiple users in Google Drive documents makes getting through work a breeze, and it just got better. Google has integrated Google+ to Google Drive, bringing the unified social factor to your documents.

Google Drive will now display an image of other viewers in a document in the top-right corner of the browser. Hovering over these photos will display more details about the user and allow you to add them to your Google+ Circles. In addition, one can start a chat by simply pressing the chat icon next to the images.

These are small features that go a long way. We have no doubt this will somehow be integrated into Google’s rumored unified messaging service, Babel. So there is much more to expect, guys. Stay tuned for more details as Google I/O gets closer.   @tquintana

Google+ for iOS Gets a Minor Bugfix Update

Android isn’t the only platform getting some bug fixing loving for the Google+ app, Apple has just approved a minor bugfix update for the iOS app.

This update brings the version up to 4.3.1, with only bugfix and performance improvements. A minor update is better than no update though, so make sure to grab it while it’s hot, and let us know if you’ve spotted any notable changes or performance boosts.


Don’t have Google+ for iOS? Click the green download button below to be taken to the iTunes page to download straight to your iOS device.

[Update] Enable Automatic Location Sharing

The Google+ now allows you to automatically share your location with those that you choose. The feature is very similar to the idea behind Google Latitude. However, now the sharing is integrated into the Google+ profile.

There is a brand new “Location Settings” option under the account settings for Google+. Under this is a check box to “Enable Location Sharing.” As with everything pertaining to Google+, this setting can be made available only for yourself, the public, extended circles, or specific circles.

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Hangouts Capture App Announced – Allows You to Capture Moments As They Happen

The Google+ Team has launched the new Hangouts Capture app which allows users to snap and save moments as they happen in Google+ Hangouts.

With the brand-new Hangouts Capture app, announced by Googler +Jeremy Ng, users will be able to take screen captures of a Hangout with just two simple clicks. One click to open the app and just one click to take the picture.  These pictures will instantly be saved in a shared album (see above) only visible to those invited to the Hangout and not just those in the Hangout itself at the time.

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Comparing the New Facebook Interface to Google+

There has been a lot of talk about how the new, redesigned Facebook News Feed is similar to Google+. The new interface has recently rolled out to my account and I’ve had a look around. Are they really that similar? Read on as I report my findings below:

I signed up for the preview (which you can opt-in here) a few days ago, and I woke up to the new News Feed this morning. Obviously, I wasn’t terribly excited, though I was keen to get an actual hands-on for myself to see how similar it is to Google+, that everyone has purported it to be.

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Google+ Local Place Page Updates


Today brings many updates to Google+, and here I take a look at the changes that have been made to Google+ Local Place Pages.

 What’s Changed?

The first thing you will notice if you visit a Place Page that hasn’t yet added a cover image is a huge map showing the location of that page. This can easily be changed by uploading a cover image, but I personally think it looks great!  The other changes include the re-positioning of the review and favorite buttons.  The rest of the page below this remains the same, however.
So overall the changes help to bring Place Pages in-line with all the other updates we have seen today and hopefully this was encourage more businesses to claim their places and update their profiles.

Android 101: How to Share a Photo

Android 101: How to Share a Photo

You’ve just picked up your first Android device (congratulations by the way) and managed to take the most amazing photo of a bear on a tricycle (maybe you were at the circus, I don’t know). This, of course, is something you have to share with friends and family, only problem is — you don’t know how! No problem, we’ve got you covered. I’m going to show you just how easy it is to share photos directly from your Android phone.

There are a couple different ways you can share your photos. I’m going to show you the most basic methods of doing it from both your Camera app and Gallery.   @tquintana

Google now using Google+ names and photos for Play store user reviews

Google is getting rid of anonymous reviews in its Google Play store and informing users that from now on store reviews “will be posted publicly using your Google+ name and picture.”   @tquintana

Google +1 Button Official Chrome Extension

Google +1 Button Chrome Extension

Today’s featured browser extension is Google +1 Button, an official extension (finally) by Google.   @tquintana

Google Rolls Out Authorship Analytics to Google+ Users

Here’s something new. I just logged into Google+ and over at the bottom of the right sidebar was a new feature.

Google Authorship Analytics   @tquintana

Google Drive to Google+

Google  has announced a new Google+ feature that enables you to share your Google Drive content into Google+.   @tquintana

First Update to Chrome for iPhone and iPad Brings G+, FB and Twitter Sharing Support

ios  First Update to Chrome for iPhone and iPad Brings G+, FB and Twitter Sharing Support

Google Chrome team has started pushing updates to Chrome for iOS. The first update for Chrome for iPhone and iPad has the following changes.   @tquintana

Launching Google +1 Recommendations Across the Web

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Google+ My first post

First Google+ posting…

5 Google Services That Would Instantly Benefit From Chrome OS

Google hasn’t been working on Chrome OS blindly. They know that with their own PC operating system, their own products and services would get a big boost. In fact, it’s entirely possible that the company could optimize select services just for Chrome OS. While we don’t know everything that Google has planned for Chrome OS just yet, lets take a look at the offerings that could be really be useful on Chrome hardware.   @tquintana