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Chromecast receives some great NEW features…

Google’s Android And Chrome Chief Sundar Pichai Holds News Event

Later this year, Google will update Chromecast so that anyone can choose and control the content being streamed through the device – even if they’re not on the same Wi-Fi network as the tiny dongle.

In short, Chromecast owners will have the option to authenticate nearby users. This means that if a person is on a cellular network – either because they can’t be bothered to type in a Wi-Fi password, or because you just don’t trust them with it – they can still control the Chromecast connected to your TV.

Google is also introducing a new feature called Backdrop, which lets you contribute photos to the default slideshow that appears on your TV. It’s a neat trick that should make the Chromecast feel more personal and welcoming. Google will offer curated topics too; images based on the news, lifestyle, specific places and what’s trending on its Google+ service, for instance.

googleio 2014 10301 730x486 Googles Chromecast to get Android mirroring, Backdrop slideshows and casting from nearby devices


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Google Wallet app now lets you add cards just by photographing them.

google walletJust a day after Google launched a physical card to allow you to more easily withdraw cash and spend your Google Wallet balance, the company has released an update to the Android appallowing you to add additional cards just by photographing them.  Add a credit/debit card just by taking a picture. Both the number and expiration date will be captured automatically …   ( Story by 9to5 Google )

Mood and device statuses for Hangouts now appearing on the desktop.


You can now see your friends’ device and mood statuses in Hangouts on the desktop.

The feature, introduced in the latest version of Hangouts for Android and iOS allows you to express your mood in the form of emoji, as well as letting people know what device you’re currently using, such as a laptop, phone or tablet.

The feature remained absent for desktop Hangouts, that is until today. The update should be rolling out to everyone now, but works slightly differently to the mobile apps.

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How To Use Google’s Android Manager To Find Your Lost Device

adm featured

Losing your Android device, either to theft or your own forgetfulness, is certainly no fun. But it’s a lot better than it used to be. Google has finally released their answer to Lost Android, Lookout, and Apple’s Find My iPhone: Android Device Manager. ADM should be hitting your device soon, if it hasn’t already, to help you locate or factory wipe your misplaced Android device. Here’s how to use it.

Set up

Android Device Manager will automatically hit your device without you having to do a thing. If you don’t have it yet, you will soon. But before you can take full advantage of ADM, you’re going to need to do a few things, like enable factory reset on your device. Setting it up is pretty simple. First, visit

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 9.32.01 PM

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Yet Another Study Shows The Galaxy Brand Is Becoming Synonymous With Android


One of the biggest problems Google faces with Android is avoiding a situation where one manufacturer controls so much of the market that everything else falls by the wayside. As study after study shows, though, this is becoming an increasing risk as Samsung gobbles up more customers. To wit, this survey from Localytics—a company that provides analytics for mobile apps— showed that of the top ten Android devices its customers used, eight were made by Samsung, and seven had the Galaxy brand attached.

The trend is staggering, but not surprising. After all, between Samsung and Apple, the two companies account for somewhere between most and more than all the smartphone profits. However, even when you look at products that we assume are doing very well (because they are!) like the Nexus 7, Samsung is still taking the lead. You’ll notice in the chart above that the most used Android tablet that isn’t a Kindle is the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. That’s more than a little astounding.   @tquintana

Samsung to Unveil the Galaxy S IV on March 15 [Rumor]

Samsung to Unveil the Galaxy S IV on March 15 [Rumor]

We already know that Samsung plans on unveiling the Galaxy S IV during a Samsung Unpacked event, only we have no idea when or where that will be. However, according to the latest rumor, we may now have an idea of when.

According to a “trusted insider” who spoke with SamMobile, Samsung is planning on holding their Unpacked event on March 15. While still no word of location, they do plan on unveiling the Galaxy S IV to the world.

As for availability, SamMobile’s source expects Europe and Asia to receive the Galaxy S IV before the end of April while America, Australia and Africa will have to wait until around May/June.

I’m sure we’ll see a ton of rumors and fake photos hit the web from now until then, but if March 15 is indeed the date, it won’t be long before we have official specs. Until then, here are the rumored specs of the Samsung Galaxy S IV:

  • an Exynos 5 Octa (8-Core) CPU
  • Mali-T658 (8-Core) GPU
  • 4.99″ Super AMOLED Full HD Resolution Display
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 13 Megapixel Rear facing Camera capable of shooting 1080p Full HD Videos at 30FPS
  • 2 Megapixel front facing camera capable of shooting 720p HD Videos
  • Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean   @tquintana

Leaked Qualcomm Roadmap all but Confirms Key Lime Pie for Q2 2013

Leaked Qualcomm Roadmap all but Confirms Key Lime Pie for Q2 2013

If for some reason you aren’t already convinced of the moniker Key Lime Pie for the next iteration of Android, we’ve got a bit more evidence for you to ponder over. A leaked Qualcomm roadmap obtained by Android Police all but confirms Key Lime Pie and suggests a Q2 2013 release.

Of course, the Q2 release fits in perfectly with the timing of Google I/O, and frankly, we wouldn’t expect it to be unveiled at any other time or place.   @tquintana

Nexus 7 Successor to Feature full HD Display, Thinner Bezel, Same Great Nexus 7 Price [Rumor]

Nexus 7 Successor to Feature full HD Display, Thinner Bezel, Same Great Nexus 7 Price [Rumor]

Vanilla Android, top notch features, and an affordable price made the Nexus 7 one of the most successful Android tablets of all time. As we look to the future, it would only make sense for Google to embrace this winning combination and implement it in future models. Well, according to DigiTimes, that’s exactly what Google has planned for the Nexus 7 successor.

According to the Taiwanese outlet, Google is set to announce its second-generation Nexus 7 tablet in May. Like the first, it’s to be made in conjunction with ASUS, feature top notch hardware and software, and remain at the same amazing price point of $199-$249.

The new model is rumored to feature a full HD display, thinner bezel, and the latest version of Android (presumably Android 4.2).   @tquintana

Chrome Beta for Android Updated to Include Support for chrome://flags

Chrome Beta for Android Updated to Include Support for chrome://flags

Chrome Beta for Android received quite an interesting update today. Users can now access all the experimental features within chrome://flags. Features and support for things such as WebGL, a JavaScript API for rendering accelerated graphics, disabling deferred 2D canvas, adding an FPS counter, and more are now available for you to experiment with.

To access this new section, all you have to do is update Chrome Beta for Android and then typechrome://flags in the address bar of Chrome Beta.   @tquintana

The Race to a Billion: Android Predicted to Reach 1 Billion Users well Before iOS

The Race to a Billion: Android Predicted to Reach 1 Billion Users well Before iOS

With 2013 in full swing, Horace Dediu of Aysmco takes another look at which platforms are leading the pack in the race to a billion. While Horace includes a plethora of platforms, we’ll take a close look at the two we’re most concerned about: Android and iOS.

A quick glance at the Platform Adoption Ramps and you’ll notice Android has managed to surpass iOS in total user base and is on the path to reach 1 billion users well before iOS. These are compelling numbers when compared to the multitude of other platforms that have not only been around longer than Android, but have failed to even come close to the billion mark.

Facebook has already managed to cross the finish line, however, Horace points out that the slopes of both Android and iOS point towards an eventual overtake in overall ecosystem size.   @tquintana

Samsung Roadmap Points to a 4.99-inch 1080p Device Coming Soon

Samsung Roadmap Points to a 4.99-inch 1080p Device Coming Soon

If you were lucky enough to visit the Samsung demo room at CES, you might have noticed a display roadmap hidden among the flexible display prototypes and media fluff. The roadmap mostly covered past or current Samsung device displays, however, at the far end of the map lies a yet announced 4.99-inch FHD display with 440ppi.

Could this be the display for the Samsung Galaxy S4? The display specs and Q1 release date would seem to point in that direction. It is interesting to see the Galaxy S line being bumped up to a Note-like size of just under 5-inches. I was extremely happy with the Galaxy S3 size and found it to be the perfect fit. I, however, do not care for the size of the Note, so I’ll be a bit disappointed if the S4 ends up being 4.99-inches.

We probably won’t hear much more about the S4 until Mobile World Congress next month, but you can be sure Samsung will have some sort of large device sporting an FHD display with 440ppi.   @tquintana

Getting Started With Android: Choose Your Google Account Wisely

Getting Started With Android: Choose Your Google Account Wisely

I’d like to take this time to give new Android users some very sage advice: “choose your Google account wisely!” Creating a Google account is one of the very first steps you’ll take as a new Android user, and believe it or not, it’s the most important. Most of us are so excited when we get our first Android device that we don’t give much thought to our Google account username, but I’m going to tell you why you should think long and hard before typing

I’m betting there are hundreds of thousands of Android users out there (myself included) that wish they could go back in time and create a general account to use with their Android device. This is important for many reasons, but most of all for the content you will be purchasing from Google Play.

You see, while you can always change things like phone numbers, email addresses, etc., the one thing you can’t change, is the account your paid content is linked to. This is why I strongly recommend all new users create a general account to use for Google Play purchases and nothing else.   @tquintana

Android 4.0+ tip: How to Easily View and Manage Data Usage

Android 4.0+ tip: How to Easily View and Manage Data Usage

As you all know, data has become a high commodity these days and every MB counts. That’s why Google decided to throw users a bone by including some great data management tools in Android 4.0. Today I’m going to show you how to use those tools to help stay in control of your data and keep your hard earned money out of the hands of the, well… you know.

To access the data management tools in Android 4.0+, you need to first go to Settings and then choose Data Usage.   @tquintana

Android 101: How to Add an Email Account

Android 101: How to Add an Email Account

One of the first things you’ll want to set up on your new Android device is your email. Whether you only use one email account or several, being able to receive your email while mobile is one of the most important features of a smartphone. Since not everyone is a smartphone veteran, we’re going to show you the basics and get you started. Now, depending on which version of Android you’re running, things may look a bit different, but the concept is the same.

When you first set up your Android device, you’ll be asked to either set up a new Google account or use an existing account login. Whatever Google account you end up using will be the default for your Gmail. On an Android device, your Gmail remains separate from all other email. We’re now going to show you how to add additional email accounts other than Gmail to your Android phone.   @tquintana

Google Shopper 3.0 – New features to help with your holiday shopping


As you hit the mall this holiday season, chances are you’ll be accompanied by a reliable personal shopping companion: your mobile phone. Four out of five mobile phone and tablet owners plan to use their device for holiday shopping – for comparing prices, locating nearby stores, and searching for coupons. Today, with the launch of Google Shopper 3.0 for Android, you can easily browse for gift ideas, research products, and locate great deals on the go.   @tquintana

Microsoft Office for Android and iOS shows its face, release in early 2013



The Verge has what it says are previews of Microsoft Office for the two platforms that own 90 percent of the smartphone and tablet markets.   @tquintana

Google shows off Photo Sphere, the new camera experience coming to Android 4.2


Some people were expecting that the Google might disappoint with the camera experience on the Nexus 4, but it looks like Google paid extra attention to adding new camera features. One cool new camera feature coming to Android 4.2 is Photo Sphere, which Google says, “lets you capture images that are literally larger than life.   @tquintana

Google confirms ‘next version’ of Google Wallet coming soon

BusinessInsider pointed us to an interesting update to the Google Wallet website today: Google is now advertising “the next version” of its mobile wallet app and providing a link a to request an invite. The website has a link to “Request an invite” for when the new version is ready, but even more interesting is what happens after users do so. After clicking the link, Google asks users to select the type of mobile device they use. The three options include: Android, iOS, and Other.   @tquintana

Read Google Play Magazines in Chrome

chrome news  New   Read Google Play Magazines in Chrome

Google has just announced the availability of the magazines you purchase via Google Play in the Chrome browser with a new web reader.

Until now, this was possible only on an Android phone or tablet.   @tquintana

Starbucks updates app to follow holo design guidelines

Android Central

If you haven’t given the Starbucks app a try yet, it’s really worth a look. The app is free at the Google Play Store link above. If you’re just curious about the new UI, we’ve got a few screenshots comparing the old (left) and (new) designs after the break.   @tquintana

Android 4.1.2 debuts with bug fixes, landscape support for Nexus 7

The hottest, newest version of our favorite mobile platform is starting to trickle out today as Android 4.1.2 makes its way into the  Android Open Source Project (AOSP).  What’s new?  Not much, really.  No, we mean it.   @tquintana

Jelly Bean’s Exclusive Emoji Support Now Available For Ice Cream Sandwich Via Software Mod

Good news for those running a rooted Ice Cream Sandwich device, a moderator over on XDA has put together a handy zip file that, once flashed, will finally bring support for all those cute little Android emoji’s once reserved soley for Jelly Bean (and iOS). Now you can finally see what you’ve been missing and proves once again — where there’s root, there’s a way. Hit up the source link for full instructions.   @tquintana

Zuckerberg promises native Android app as company moves away from HTML5

In recent months Mark Zuckerberg’s disappointment in Facebook’s Android app has been no secret. In fact, to drive the point home to his team of developers, he forced them to switch from iOS to Androidjust to see how poorly the app performs.   @tquintana

Andy Rubin announces 500 million Android activations to date ahead of tomorrow’s iPhone 5 event

Ready for the latest breakdown of Android’s performance ahead of Apple’s iPhone 5 event tomorrow afternoon? Android boss Andy Rubin has just announced this evening that 500 million Android devices have been activated to date, following Eric Schmidt’s announcement of 480,000 devices last week.   @tquintana

Zuckerberg admits fault in Facebook’s HTML5 focus, pledges native Android app

Android Central

Over the summer, Facebook had a rocky update to its iOS app when they tried to shift everything away from HTML5. Ultimately focusing on HTML5 was a mistake, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a recent interview.   @tquintana

Google VP Says Apple Winning Against Samsung Was A Wakeup Call

Google VP Says Apple Winning Against Samsung Was A Wakeup Call

Google was blindsided when Apple won its lawsuit against Samsung, which was really a proxy war between Apple and Google, because if Apple can defeat Google’s Android OEMs, they’ll win the battle against Google.

Bloomberg website   @tquintana

Android’s Next Iteration To Include Face Unlock For Multiple User Accounts?

Android’s Next Iteration To Include Face Unlock For Multiple User Accounts?

Google has just been awarded a patent on what I can only assume will be a future feature of Android. The new patent expands on Face Unlock, allowing users to set up separate user accounts and access them via Face Unlock. It’s quite brilliant and would allow multiple users to share a single device without their account or preferences being compromised.   @tquintana

Evernote Update Adds Expanded Notifications For Jelly Bean Users, Improved Performance for Everyone Else

You gotta give it to the Evernote development team, they’re constantly refining their Android application, providing consistent updates every few weeks or so in the Play Store. Well, they’re at it once again, this time around adding new enhancements for the few us running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with all new expanded notifications.   @tquintana

Samsung’s Galaxy Camera unveiled: Everything you love about Android in a point-and-shoot camera

With Nikon and Polaroid getting ready to launch their Android-powered cameras as early as September, Samsung officially unveiled its entrance into the market today in Berlin with its first dedicated point-and-shoot running Android. While recent rumors pointed to the possibility of a device with specs close to those announced for Nikon’s Coolpix S800c, Samsung unveiled a 4.8-inch device with specs closer to its own Galaxy S III.   @tquintana

TomTom coming to Android – possibly as soon as October

Android Central

When it comes to voice guided satellite navigation the one company that springs to mind for most people is TomTom, but sadly we haven’t had any Android love – until now.   @tquintana

Google mobile search gets a Google Now-style makeover

Android Central

Google’s continuing to transform its search product into a knowledge engine, as evidenced by the new Google Search app on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and its Google Now features. Today some of that functionality is starting to bleed over into the company’s mobile search offering, with the launch of rich “interactive answers” to mobile search queries.   @tquintana

This Android Lego project needs your support

Marc Young created a mockup Android/Bugdroid character using Lego’s Digital Designer and then later turned it into a kit (200+ pieces) for himself.  Now he wants to turn this into an officially supported Lego project.  But he needs your help.   @tquintana

Nikon launching Android 2.3-powered Coolpix S800 with Google Play apps on August 22?

Indonesian Communication Agency, the report lists the following specs for unannounced Android-powered Nikon camera likely named the “Coolpix S800″ (or S800c) with a possible August 22 announcement.   @tquintana

Download and Install Chrome for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

android  Download and Install Chrome for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Installing Chrome on Jelly Bean was super easy.   @tquintana

Ice Cream Sandwich Finally Works Its Way To Number 2 On The Distribution Chart

Ice Cream Sandwich Finally Works Its Way To Number 2 On The Distribution Chart

Boy has it been a slow road for Android 4.0, and while the numbers are still dismal, Ice Cream Sandwich is now populating the second highest number of devices accessing the Google Play Store. Gingerbread remains the majority leader with 60.6% of Android devices running it — quite sad considering it’s almost two years old.   @tquintana

3-week old Jelly Bean hits 0.8% Android device adoption, as Ice Cream Sandwich reaches 15.9%

jelly beam

It’s been just over a month since Google officially announced Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) and barely three weeks since the first rollout, but already the latest flavor of Android is installed on 0.8 percent of Android devices in the market, according to the search giant’s stats.   @tquintana

Multiple user accounts coming soon to Android?

Our friends over at AndroidPolice made quite the discovery recently, and it has to do with multiple user accounts within Android. Not only would it be a great feature to have, it appears that Google might be preparing for it, as AP has found several instances within AOSP that could lead to multiple user accounts.   @tquintana

Instapaper for Android sees a 600% jump in downloads on release of Nexus 7


The Nexus 7 is being talked about, that’s one thing we know for sure. It’s gotten a ton of press as a device that is so good it makes the case for small tablets in general. It’s certainly one of the most well received non-iPad tablets ever.   @tquintana

Twitter’s new client for iOS, Android: Users aren’t the only content partners

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Rollout Beginning Now With HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus Devices

Automate Wi-Fi use to save your Android’s battery life

While You Wait For Android 4.0, Android 4.1 Hits The Android Open Source Project

Android Jelly Bean 4.1 given to Android Open Source Project

Why we don’t need another version of Android this year
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Google says Ice Cream Sandwich is now on 7.1 percent of Android handsets

Samsung Galaxy S III tip: disable S Voice for better home button response

galaxysiii android

Android Central

Android and Chrome OS Will Slowly Converge – Says Google

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