Google+ Photos icon updated in Chrome OS…


Noticed tonight that the Google+ Photos icon for Chrome OS has been updated to the NEW icon that has been pushed through to all other Google+ products.


‘Ok Google’ Voice Search Arrives in Chrome OS Dev Channel…

Your Chromebooks will soon get the magical “OK Google” voice command, just like the Android brotherhood.

So saying something like “Ok Google, find a bakery near me” will list suggestions for “find a bakery near me” – in this case just a normal Google Search.

OK Google

How to activate “OK Google” in a Chromebook

As mentioned above, be sure to be on the Chrome OS Dev channel.
Enable the experimental app launcher start page flag – chrome://flags/#enable-app-launcher-start-page.
Yes, Chromebooks (Chrome OS) now has the ability to initiate a search when you say “OK Google”.

Google has added a “voice recognizer plugin” to make this feature work offline too. So, even when you are offline, you can get things (that do not need a connection) done using this command.


François Beaufort, of Google mentions this should just be the beginning. Right now you can only search, but eventually Google should optimize voice actions to work system-wide (much like with Android). Ideally, this will turn into a Google Now variant for the Chromebook. It will probably be able to perform actions like “Open Gmail”, “Open Google Play Music” and more.

Possibilities are limitless François says. This feature is just in its early stages, so we will soon see pretty useful things coming our way.

You can imagine the potential with this type of feature.

With the Google website already supporting more complex voice searches and Google Now features slowly creeping into Chrome itself, it’s only a matter of time before “Ok Google” becomes the fastest – and best – way to search on your Chromebook.

Google Launching Touchscreen Chromebook ‘By End of Year’

A touchscreen Chromebook is due for release before the end of the year according to reports from a Chinese industry publication.   @tquintana

Chrome OS is not “just” Chrome Browser. Here’s why.

Fresh off the heals of a new Chrome OS device release, the social media storm is brewing. A search for “Chromebook” on Twitter will give you a constant stream of new tweets. I really enjoy tracking what the public is tweeting about, and one of the biggest questions people seem to have about Chromebooks is mindbogglingly simple.   @tquintana

Playing With the New Chrome OS Camera App

Of the several new apps being primed for ChromeOS its the ‘Camera’ one that intrigued me the most.   @tquintana

10 New Apps Heading to ChromeOS

10 new applications are to ship in future versions of Chrome OS by default.

Google hope that adding the apps will make Chrome OS easier to use ‘out of the box’.   @tquintana

New Default Font and Wallpaper for Chrome OS (Download Them!)

Chrome OS is getting another make over. Looks like the team is busy making UI changes to give a better look and feel for the OS. It is not just  a browser that locks you in anymore.

News today? a new default font and new default wallpaper!   @tquintana

Chrome OS Pilot Program is Really All About the Data


When Google announced the Chrome OS Pilot with the Cr-48 notebook at the centerpiece, it was a great strategy to try and gain momentum for the platform. It’s also a really great way to get something that Google as an organization covets: lots of valuable data about how these devices can be used.

Remember, this is the company whose goal is to “organize the world’s information“. Surely they are doing the same thing specifically with Chrome OS hardware having these devices out in the wild.   @tquintana

User Profiles Are Coming to Chrome


As it stands, there’s a one to one relationship with an instance of Chrome. That means if you want to be able to use a different account in the browser you need to log out or use another Channel of the browser at the same time. When it comes to a Chrome OS laptop, in order to get into another account you need to log out entirely and log back in – if you are signed in with one account you cannot use another.   @tquintana

Chrome OS Devices Will Mass Ship in Second Half 2011, Be at Computex?




Four companies are expected to start selling Chrome OS notebooks in large quantities during the second half of 2011. The devices are expected to have between 10-12″ screen sizes, Intel Atom or NVIDIA Tegra 2 processors and one or more may have dual operating system support, according to the Taiwan-based Digitimes.   @tquintana

Google Cr-48 Chrome hardware pilot program: ‘Not for the faint of heart’



Want to get your hands on one of those Chrome OS laptops demoed by Google today? Google’s running a pilot program for the new hardware, and you can sign up.   @tquintana