Nice update for Google+ Photos…


Google+ Photos Backup and Sync now possible on Windows desktop… with Picasa.

Picasa download page

With the latest Picasa program for Windows, Picasa now includes Google+ Auto Backup for the Desktop.  I haven’t sign-in yet to the Picasa app but this morning I was presented with small sign-in window called Google+ Auto Backup asking me to log-in to my Google account.  The instructions are pretty straight forward and very easy.  If you have m multiple Google accounts associated with you then you are prompted on which account you want to log into and move forward.

Google+ Photo Backup Google+ Photo Backup Account Chooser

You are then presented with a Google+ Auto Backup menu which asks which devices and folders do you want to sync with Google+.  You have the photo size options on whether you want to upload full-size images or standard size.  Then you click ‘Start backup’.  Then a browser window opens indicating that the Auto Backup process has began and provides you info about the task manager icon and options and so on.

Google+ Photo Backup Menu

Google+ Photo Backup Browser PageJust like for the Google Drive program for the Windows platform, once syncing has been completed, you receive a little announcement window in your task bar.

google+ Sync complete

Even though it required installing Picasa even though I probably won’t use the desktop version, this is a great way to get images from multiple devices and/or locations and place them in your Google+ Photo Albums.  You can place them in Google Drive and have your Google Drive images showing in your Google + Albums, but then they aren’t exactly organized the way you want them.  They are just visible to you from another folder.  Anyway this is a great step forward I think in Google helping us organize our images and albums just like the way we are able to with Picasa.

Picasa for Windows download link


Google+ Photos icon updated in Chrome OS…


Noticed tonight that the Google+ Photos icon for Chrome OS has been updated to the NEW icon that has been pushed through to all other Google+ products.