New Samsung Chromebook now available in the Google Play Store

Samsung Chromebook

Google’s new Chromebook, made by Samsung, is available in the Google Play Store starting today for just $249.   @tquintana


Starbucks updates app to follow holo design guidelines

Android Central

If you haven’t given the Starbucks app a try yet, it’s really worth a look. The app is free at the Google Play Store link above. If you’re just curious about the new UI, we’ve got a few screenshots comparing the old (left) and (new) designs after the break.   @tquintana

Google Drive gets significant upgrade in the Google Play Store and Apple Store

Google Drive debuted in the Google Play Store with an impressive set of features, but if you thought Google would stagnate on its progress then you simply don’t know Google. A new upgrade for the application has hit the Google Play Store, and it’s added a lot of desirable features.   @tquintana

That was quick: Grooveshark disappears from the Google Play Store (again)


It appeared that controversial streaming music app Grooveshark was back for good when the Android title returned to Google’s Play Store earlier this week, but already it has mysteriously been pulled from the marketplace, suggesting music labels have pressured the search giant into removing it (again).   @tquintana

Official Grooveshark App Makes Its Way Back Into The Play Store

Over a year ago, Google removed the Grooveshark app from what was then the Android Market due to a violation of the terms of service. Of course, with a service like Grooveshark, being removed from the Play Store was just the first of its worries – the company has definitely seen its fair share of legal issues over the last several months. Still, after its departure from the Store, Grooveshark continued to offer the app free of charge through its website.   @tquintana