Leaked Qualcomm Roadmap all but Confirms Key Lime Pie for Q2 2013

Leaked Qualcomm Roadmap all but Confirms Key Lime Pie for Q2 2013

If for some reason you aren’t already convinced of the moniker Key Lime Pie for the next iteration of Android, we’ve got a bit more evidence for you to ponder over. A leaked Qualcomm roadmap obtained by Android Police all but confirms Key Lime Pie and suggests a Q2 2013 release.

Of course, the Q2 release fits in perfectly with the timing of Google I/O, and frankly, we wouldn’t expect it to be unveiled at any other time or place.

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Jelly Bean’s Exclusive Emoji Support Now Available For Ice Cream Sandwich Via Software Mod

Good news for those running a rooted Ice Cream Sandwich device, a moderator over on XDA has put together a handy zip file that, once flashed, will finally bring support for all those cute little Android emoji’s once reserved soley for Jelly Bean (and iOS). Now you can finally see what you’ve been missing and proves once again — where there’s root, there’s a way. Hit up the source link for full instructions.

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Ice Cream Sandwich Finally Works Its Way To Number 2 On The Distribution Chart

Ice Cream Sandwich Finally Works Its Way To Number 2 On The Distribution Chart

Boy has it been a slow road for Android 4.0, and while the numbers are still dismal, Ice Cream Sandwich is now populating the second highest number of devices accessing the Google Play Store. Gingerbread remains the majority leader with 60.6% of Android devices running it — quite sad considering it’s almost two years old.

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3-week old Jelly Bean hits 0.8% Android device adoption, as Ice Cream Sandwich reaches 15.9%

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It’s been just over a month since Google officially announced Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) and barely three weeks since the first rollout, but already the latest flavor of Android is installed on 0.8 percent of Android devices in the market, according to the search giant’s stats.

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AT&T Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich update coming, with extra sprinkles

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Google says Ice Cream Sandwich is now on 7.1 percent of Android handsets